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Mammoth Health Mattresses

Why choose a Mammoth Health Mattress? Mammoth Beds and Mattresses are medically proven to enhance the quality of your sleep and are therefore known as an industry leading supplier known for their unique approach to getting the best out of your bed to ensure a fantastic night’s sleep. Endorsed by the Chiropractor Association, Mammoth beds relieve … Read more

The Sognatori Collection

Why Sognatori? You might find yourself questioning the meaning of the word Sognatori. Well it is the direct translation for Dreamers in Italian and though our ancestry doesn’t date back to Italy, nor do we manufacture the products in Italy (they are in fact made in Yorkshire!) we just really loved the name! The Sognatori … Read more

Finding the perfect bed for Christmas – Dreamers Bed Centre

As joyous as they are, the Christmas holidays can prove pretty draining too, particularly for families with young children. Social events mixed with madcap shopping trips, decorating and entertaining excitable kids can really take their toll, particularly when you place them alongside your regular working week and other pressures on your time. You may not … Read more


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