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How can you benefit from Kayflex Mattresses

Choosing a new mattress to replace your current one is a great idea, but often the hardest decision that you need to make is deciding which one you need. Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we supply a complete range of beds and mattresses, including some of the most renowned brands. Kayflex is just one of the … Read more

The secret behind Millbrook Beds

Millbrook Beds have been handcrafted since 1946 and originate from Millbrook in Southampton (hence where their name comes from!) If you’ve ever had the chance to sleep on a Millbrook Bed or seen one in the flesh, you’ll know just how comfortable that they are and how only the highest quality materials are used to … Read more

8 Simple Steps to choosing the Best Bed

Spending up to a third of your entire life in bed, it’s no surprise that you want to choose a bed that suits your needs perfectly, so be sure to dedicate some time to carry out your own research on Beds for Sale Liverpool! Not choosing the right Beds Liverpool can have all sorts of … Read more

Top 6 Reasons to choose Dreamers Bed Centre

ou’d be surprised just how refreshed you could feel after a peaceful night’s sleep and this is largely down to the bed that you choose to sleep in. If you’re sick of getting up on the wrong side of the bed every morning after sleepless nights, Dreamers Bed Centre can help you! As a family run business … Read more

Wooden Bed Frame Banner

A Buyers Guide to Wooden Bed Frames

Who would have thought that something as simple as a wooden frame could help you to get a good night’s sleep? Not only are wooden frames designed to support your mattress they allow you to sleep in comfort and set the tone for the rest of your bedroom furniture. Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we have … Read more

Reasons why you should sleep on a Mammoth Mattress

Offering optimal support and luxury comfort, it’s no surprise that the Mammoth beds are the go-to bed choice for sporting enthusiasts! The Mammoth Mattresses are designed to improve performance and well-being to ensure that you sleep well every night. Sleep is extremely important if athletes are to perform to the best of their ability, hence … Read more


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