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Adjustable bed available at Dreamers Bed Centre

Adjustable beds – what are the benefits?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an adjustable bed? Hospitals? The elderly? People with mobility issues? Whilst it’s true, they do provide a lot of medical benefits, they’re actually suitable for everyone. Even if you’re perfectly fit and healthy, an adjustable bed can help to improve your sleep and … Read more

Hypnos bed available at Dreamers Bed Centre

Hypnos – the first ever carbon-neutral bed maker

What do you look for in a new mattress? Comfort? Support? Quality? They’re all the usual things on a buyer’s wish list. But what about sustainability? To help protect the environment and reverse climate damage, more and more people are (quite rightly!) looking to invest in products that are eco-friendly – and when it comes … Read more


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