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20UP Hinged Wardrobes

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STEFFEN 20up Range

Featuring 4B With LED Lights

Coloured Glass & Mirrored Finishes

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10 - 12 Weeks

Detailed Description

Rauch 20up Hinged Wardrobes are of the highest quality, manufacutred in Germany. The 20up hinged wardrobes are not only dynamic but the perfect choice if you are looking to completely transform your room with a practical centrepiece that will compliment any bedroom interior.

The 20up Hinged Wardrobes are the most exclusive range in Rauch's collection belonging to the STEFFEN family. The Hinged Wardrobes can be mixed with the 20up Sliding Wardrobes to create the perfect combination for you.

Rauch created the most dynamic range they have with the 20up. Most look for at the Hinged 20up if you are struggling for depth in the bedroom. The Sliding Wardrobes are deeper than the hinge so that increases practicality. You may just prefer the accessiblity of a traditional hinged door!

Starting with the sizes

The most exclusive range Rauch offers has an extensive choice of sizes. Firstly, the Widths that are offered are increased by 20cm from 1.6m all the way up to 4m, allowing this to be customised to fit almost any bedroom. Secondly, the 20up is available in 2 Heights, 2.23m or 2.35m. However, The 20up can be customised and made to measure if you have any specific height or widths. If you would like anymore information regarding made to measure, speak to a member of our team instore.

If you would like to view the Rauch introduction to 20up, you can view their short video here.

Colour Options

Moving on to the most important part of ordering the 20up, the colour! The range of colours are as extensive as the sizes. If you are looking for a traditional finish there are many to choose from including Royal Oak. If you are looking to make the 20up look as effective as possible in your bedroom, there are many coloured glass and mirror options.

Our favourite coloured glass is the Fango which is exclusive to the 20up range. You can also have the coloured glass, Black, White or Silk Grey. If you would prefer a mirror there is a choice of a crystal mirror or grey mirror which has a slight tint. You will then finish the colour options with your choice for the carcass whether it be to match or contrast the coloured glass finish.

Our Recommendation

The 20up 4B Range features an LED lighting strip that sits inbetween the glass panels on the doors. It is available without the LED lighting strip, but most tend to add it to their order once they see it on the showroom floor. See if you can resist!

On our showroom floor we have the following all finished in Fango Coloured Glass and matching Fango Carcass.

  • 2.2m Sliding Wardrobe
  • 107cm Corner Walk In Wardrobe
  • 50cm Hinged Angled Unit with Shelves
  • Bedsides In Various Sizes
  • 6 Drawer Chest (121cm x 124cm)
  • 4 Drawer Cupboard

Product Sizes

Depth 60cm
Height 223cm & 235cm
Width 1.6m, 1.81m, 2., 2.2m, 2.4m, 2.6m, 2.8m, 3m, 3.2m, 3.4m, 3.6m, 3.8m, 4m
Increments 20cm Increments
Bespoke Sizes Made To Measure Is Available
Made To Measure Contact A Member Of Our Team
Bespoke Heights, Depths & Width's
Bespoke Our Fitting Partner Can Do Bespoke Cuts
Walk In Corner 107cm x 107cm x 60cm (d)

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