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Different types of mattresses explained

When buying a mattress, you can often be faced with information overload, resulting in confusion on what you want and what you need from your new mattress. There are many areas to consider when buying a mattress, none more important...

When buying a mattress, you can often be faced with information overload, resulting in confusion on what you want and what you need from your new mattress. There are many areas to consider when buying a mattress, none more important than the type of mattress itself. This blog is going to explain the different types of mattresses available at Dreamers Bed Centre, as well as providing suggestions of suitable options for different needs.




Pocket Sprung


A pocket sprung mattress is one which contains individual pocket springs that are sewn into their own individual fabric pockets, this can be across one or multiple layers. The number of springs vary depending on the brand, tension, style, etc. but at Dreamers Bed centre, the springs range from 1000 to 8000 per mattress.


A pocket sprung bed is ideal for those who prefer a more supportive mattress and for different weighted co-sleepers. This is because each spring moves independently when pressure is applied, providing additional support, and preventing a rolling feeling in the mattress.


Pocket sprung mattress are available in most tensions, all the way from medium-soft to extra-firm, below are some examples of beds we recommend at different comfort levels:


Medium Soft: Sognatori Naturale Luxury 1000

Medium: Sognatori Copper Sleep 2000

Extra Firm: Sognatori Ultra Support 2000




Open coil


An open coil sprung mattress is one that generally contains steel coils wound into hundreds of springs, that run from side-to-side across a mattress, and they are usually connected by a wire rod edge. There are many benefits of open coil mattresses: they are often great value; they are lightweight and easier to be manoeuvred; and the springs evenly distribute body weight to provide extra support, which can often be beneficial for your back and spinal alignment.


Below are some great open coil mattresses that are available at Dreamers bed centre (including the Commodita, which is our best-selling budget mattress!)


Medium: Sognatori Comodita

Medium Firm: Sognatori Valore

Firm: Sognatori Ortho Comodita Deluxe






A foam mattress is one that is manufactured using mainly different types of foam, and no pocket or open coil springs. A foam mattress is often made up of memory foam, polyurethane foam (or a combination of both), and other materials such as latex and gel.


There are many reasons to buy a foam mattress, it is a great in-between option that offers support, but also a softer and comfortable feel. The support, combined with the pressure relief and motion isolation, make foam mattresses an excellent option for side sleepers as they conform to your body shape. The individual types of foam and their combinations also provide their own benefits, for example memory foam provides extra pressure relief and body shape conforming, and high-density reflex foam (polyurethane) is faster cooling and more breathable.


Below are some examples of memory foam and other foam mattresses we recommend for different needs and preferences:


Memory foam

Medium: Baker & Wells Majestic 1000

Medium Soft: Baker & Wells Imperial 2500



Medium Soft: Sognatori Lusso 1200

Medium: Sognatori Quilted 1000 plaza

Firm: Sognatori Pura 1400



Choosing a mattress





A hybrid mattress is made up of multiple layers of springs, foam, and other materials. Hybrid mattresses were introduced to combine the support of a pocket sprung mattress with the comfort of a foam mattress. Again, additional layers can be made up of materials such as gels, latex, copper, etc.


One reason to buy a hybrid mattress is that they can be suitable for all types of sleepers, whether you sleep on your back, side, or front. They are also suitable for hot sleepers as they dissipate heat better than foam mattresses, and they are particularly suitable for those who prefer a medium comfort. We have a separate blog dedicated to hybrid mattresses, ‘Top 4 Best Hybrid Mattresses’, check it out to understand more about the mattress’ features and benefits.


Below are three hybrid mattresses we recommend, that are explained further in our other hybrid mattress blog, including the LEO 3000 hybrid that offers 3 tension options to suit a range of sleeping preferences.


Medium: Sognatori Copper Sleep 2000

Medium Firm: Sognatori Gel 2000

Softer, Firmer, Extra Firm: LEO 3000 Hybrid




Split tension


A split tension mattress isn’t necessarily a type of mattress, as they can be pocket sprung, foam, hybrid, etc. However, we thought we would include this in the list as they can be game-changing to your night’s sleep, particularly for co-sleepers. A split-tension mattress is one in which you can choose different tension levels for the left and right side of the mattress.


A split tension mattress is particularly beneficial for different weighted co-sleepers, or those that prefer different tensions. When selecting your tension preferences, you can even go as far as having one side soft, and the other extra firm. This means you never have to settle for a tension you dislike or compromise on comfort.


Below are some examples of split tension mattresses we offer at Dreamers Bed Centre, including the Stuart James options which are our most luxurious, high-end mattresses. Even though the mattresses have a split tension, they still have an overall comfort level due to their fillings and layers, which is how they are categorized below:


Any tension (soft to extra-firm): CooLEO split tension

Soft comfort: Stuart James Regal Duchess

Medium comfort: Stuart James Regal Queen

Medium Firm comfort: Stuart James Regal Emperor




This piece has covered the main types of mattresses available at Dreamers Bed Centre, however there are also mattresses with specific features and benefits due to the peculiarities of their manufacturing. For example, our Copper Sleep 2000 can relieve sore and swollen joints, and our Mammoth range contains medical grade foam that is scientifically proven to improve sleep, as well as ease aches and pains. Additionally, we offer mattresses that are completely natural and mattresses that are hypoallergenic, as well as many other options and features that are available.





We hope the information in this piece is useful and helps you to understand the differences between certain types of mattresses, however we appreciate it is still lots of information to take in and digest. We recommend visiting our showroom to speak to our in-store experts, who can help you understand more about the mattresses that may be right for you!






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