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Get a good night’s sleep with a Mammoth mattress

Mammoth Mattress is one of the most prominent bed companies in the UK.

Founded by former medical executive, John Tuton, all products are based upon sound scientific knowledge and incorporate revolutionary technologies – never seen before outside of healthcare. And it’s fair to say, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, they certainly know their stuff.

In fact, their resident sleep expert – Dr Jonathan Bloomfield – is one of the UK’s leaders in sleep, fatigue and human performance. He has over 15 years’ experience in this complex field, during which time, he has helped both distinguished athletes and business directors to improve their sleep patterns and optimise their sleeping environments. So, why not take advantage of his expertise?

Here we delve into his knowledge and take a closer look at some of his top sleep tips.


3 sleeping tips from the Mammoth mattress expert



1. Minimise disturbances in your sleeping environment

According to Dr Bloomfield, any changes to your sleep pattern can shift the body’s natural clock (i.e. your circadian rhythm). Such shifts can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Which is why, it’s crucial to optimise your sleeping environment and reduce the chance of disturbances.

There are numerous ways you can do this. For example, he suggests:


  • – creating complete darkness
  • – keeping the bedroom at a cool temperature, around 16-18°C
  • – decorating the room with subtle, soothing colours (rather than bright, busy patterns)
  • – decluttering and tidying away any mess


But, he states the most important factor, is the quality of your bed.

Unsurprisingly, this can have a direct effect on the quality of your sleep. And, as such, it’s usually worth investing in an advanced product – such as a mammoth mattress – to help improve your comfort levels and give yourself the best possible chance of getting proper rest.



2. Establish a sleep routine

Dr Bloomfield also says that you need to prepare your mind and body for sleep. First off, this means getting into a consistent routine. You should try to go to bed and get up at approximately the same time every day, as this will help to regulate your body clock and make it much easier to drift off.

In the hours leading up to bedtime, it can also help to:


  • – engage in relaxing activities, such as having a warm bath or reading a book
  • – dim the lighting in your bedroom
  • – avoid tea and coffee (and other caffeinated drinks)
  • – put away devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets) which emit blue light


3. Eat, drink and exercise the right way

Everyone understands the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. But did you know, eating the wrong foods at the wrong time can lead to a disturbed night’s sleep?

Bloomfield explains how high-protein foods (e.g. cheese, eggs), in particular, are a bad idea. These maintain serotonin levels in the body – the chemical responsible for anxiety and stress. And, as such, they can have a huge negative impact on your sleep and are worth avoiding late at night.

You should also limit your alcohol intake as much as possible and refrain from exercise just before going to bed. Although exercise is very good for our health, working out late at night can be counterproductive. This should be a time for relaxing and winding down, rather than significantly increasing your heart rate, so be sure to make time during the day for a trip to the gym.


mammoyth mattress available at Dreamers Bed Centre



Listen to the experts; invest in a Mammoth Mattress

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we’re a big fan of this innovative and science-led brand. There’s a lot to learn from Bloomfield and the rest of the experts at Mammoth – and, as a leading UK stockist of Mammoth mattresses, we’re incredibly proud to offer their life-changing products in our store.

For more detail on Bloomfield’s sleeping tips, why not download his helpful online guide?

Or alternatively, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our in-house team. Not only do we have excellent knowledge of the Mammoth mattresses available – including the scientific and medical technologies behind them – we can also recommend the ideal model for your needs and offer further advice on how to get the best possible night’s sleep. Either give us a call on 01942 275 464 or, pop down to our showroom, and you can chat with a member of our staff in person.


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