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How to Bed Shop

With so many beds on the market how do you decide which one is right for you? As a leading bed shop in Liverpool, Dreamers Bed Centre, offer a fantastic selection all under one roof – bringing you one step closer to finding the bed of your dreams.

5 steps to guarantee successful bed shopping:

  1. Measure your room

Before you start looking for a bed you need to measure how much space you have available.

When measuring your room, remember to take into account space at either side of the bed for any additional furniture like bedside tables.

  1. Choose a bed

Once you know how much room you have to play with, you can narrow down your options.

From space-saving ottomans to stylish leather bed frames, we can help you to find the right bed for your sleep needs.

To ensure you choose a bed that fits perfectly and complements the décor of your room, Dreamers take into consideration the size and style of your room.

  1. Choose a mattress

Your bed and mattress choice must complement each other. Here at Dreamers, we can help you to make the right decision when choosing a new bed – making sure that your mattress fits neatly on the bed frame.

The right mattress will guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep and support your entire body.

We have a variety of mattresses available at Dreamers, including:

  • Medical foam
  • Memory foam
  • Open coil spring
  • Pocket spring

If you’re looking for mattresses for your beds in Liverpool, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Dreamers. Included within our range, we provide the Mammoth foam mattresses which can alleviate pain – allowing you to sleep easy.

  1. Try before you buy

Studies have shown that 4 in every 5 bed shopper spends less than 2 minutes testing beds.

We spend so much time sleeping, it’s worth taking the time to get your bed choice right.

You need to lie on the bed as you would on your own bed at home and the mattress usually moulds to the shape of your body – providing you with support whilst you sleep.

It’s important that if you share the bed, you take your bed partner bed shopping with you as it needs to be comfortable for you both.

To find out which of our beds for sale in Liverpool is right for you, let the team at Dreamers guide and advise you. Call us on 01942 275 464 today or pop into our showroom.

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