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How to choose a mattress

Buying a new mattress. Who knew it would be so challenging? There are so many brands and models to choose from. And we get it. The more you look, the more confusing it gets and the more questions you’re bound...

Family buying a mattress

Buying a new mattress.

Who knew it would be so challenging?

There are so many brands and models to choose from. And we get it. The more you look, the more confusing it gets and the more questions you’re bound to have. With so much information to absorb, a quick online search is enough to leave you feeling like a nap!

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we’re often asked ‘which is the right mattress for me?’. And truthfully? The short answer is: there is no short answer. It depends on many factors and is different for everyone. But to help narrow down your options, here we’ve rounded up a few top tips.

Take a look and choose a mattress that suits your unique sleep needs and preferences.


6 tips to help you choose a mattress



1. Think about your sleeping position

Do you prefer to sleep on your side? Your back? Or starfished on your stomach?

When choosing a new mattress, this is the single most important thing to consider – as it affects both your ideal mattress type and the best comfort grade for your needs. Detailed information on this topic can be found in our previous blog. But to summarise:

For side sleepers, a soft-medium foam mattress is typically recommended. For front sleepers, a medium-firm pocket spring or foam mattress is recommended. Whilst for back sleepers, you can pick pretty much any mattress type – as long as it has a firm comfort grade.

The ultimate goal is to always keep your spine straight.



2. Consider any specific requirements

For example, do you suffer from hay fever? If so, a hypo-allergenic mattress may be beneficial. Do you experience back pain and need a pressure-relieving mattress? Or one that can be adjusted into different positions to aid your mobility? Would you prefer a reversible or no-turn design?

These days, mattresses are made from such a diverse range of materials and come with a vast array of different features. So consider what you like and don’t like about your current model. Think carefully about what you actually need and use this to direct your search.



3. Go big

When it comes to mattresses, size definitely matters. In fact, the bigger the better.

We advise choosing the largest model that you can comfortably fit in your bedroom, without making the space feel cramped or causing any access issues (e.g. blocking wardrobe doors).

If you plan to share the bed, you should be able to lie side by side – with your arms behind your head and your elbows out, without touching. That way, you’re less likely to disturb each other during the night and more likely to wake up feeling refreshed (on the right side of the bed!).



Choosing a mattress



4. Spend as much as you can afford

We love a good bargain as much as the next person. But when you’re shopping for a new mattress, it’s worth looking for the best value deal – not the lowest price!

After all, your mattress is an important investment. It could be the difference between endless sleepless nights and nightly high-quality shut-eye. So our advice? Calculate the absolute maximum you can afford to spend and use every last penny of your budget.

To put things into perspective, over its average 8-year lifespan, a £1000 mattress for two people works out at about 17p each per night. Which, compared to the cost of your daily coffee habit (no doubt perpetuated by bad sleep), is a pretty good deal!



5. Do the legwork online

Start your search for the ideal mattress from the comfort of your own home. That way, you can browse the full range at your own pace, filter the options, view product reviews and make a shortlist of potentials.

It also gives you a chance to confirm the NBF status of each mattress manufacturer.

The NBF (National Bed Federation) is the trade association for UK mattress makers. And all of its members must be independently audited to ensure they comply with UK regulations on safety, flammability, health, hygiene and trade descriptions. So keep an eye out for their tick of approval and sleep easy knowing that you’ve only shortlisted reputable brands.



6. Shop together

If you’re choosing a mattress for two people, it makes sense to shop together. Your idea of the dream bed could be your sleep partner’s nightmare. So it’s worth heading into the showroom as a twosome and ensuring you’re both happy with the final decision.

Set aside plenty of time to do the job properly. Ideally, you should spend at least 10 minutes lying on each mattress from your shortlist. Perhaps try a few different sleeping positions? Kick off your shoes and try to get comfy. You could even take your own pillow to replicate sleeping at home.

But whatever you do, don’t shop when you’re tired – otherwise, you run the risk of every bed in the showroom feeling like ‘the one’.



Dreamers Bed Centre


What now?


If you think you have all the info you need to choose a mattress, why not browse our full online range? Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we strive to cater for all. And whatever the ‘perfect’ mattress is for you, you’re bound to find it in our comprehensive selection of mattress styles and comfort grades.

Or, if you’re still unsure, we’re always on hand and happy to help.

You can send your questions to and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, to have a little chat about the products available, and which might be best for you, feel free to give us a call on 01942 275 464. Mattresses are our specialist subject, after all, and we should be able to point you in the right direction!




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