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How to sleep in the heat

Tossing and turning thanks to the heatwave? We hear you. Over the last few days, temperatures have reached over 36°C in some parts of the country – making it the hottest August on record since 2003. It’s hard enough to...

woman sleeping in the heat with a fan

Tossing and turning thanks to the heatwave?

We hear you. Over the last few days, temperatures have reached over 36°C in some parts of the country – making it the hottest August on record since 2003. It’s hard enough to keep cool during the day, let alone at night! And most people are struggling to sleep in the sticky climate.

But there are things you can do to help. Here our sleep experts share their top tips on how to cool down your bedroom – despite soaring temperatures – and get to sleep in the heat.



5 tips for sleeping in the heat


1. Plan ahead

It’s important to prepare your bedroom – throughout the day – to ensure it’s as cool as possible come bedtime. The optimum temperature for sleeping is around 16-18°C. Therefore, keep a thermometer on your bedside table and try to get as close to this ‘sweet spot’ as you can.

One easy trick is to shut the curtains and blinds mid-afternoon, but keep the windows and doors open. This will help to block out the sun’s intense rays, whilst still allowing fresh air to pass through. Air conditioning systems can also help to bring the temperature down to the desired level.


2. Take a shower

This may seem counterproductive. After all, lots of people take a shower in the morning to wake themselves up. But it can also help you get to sleep in the hot and humid weather.

Cold showers are a particularly good idea. If you’re brave enough, simply stand under the icy water for two minutes. This will quickly bring down your core body temperature – an essential part of falling asleep – and make you feel much more comfortable before you climb into bed.


shower to cool down before sleeping in the hot weather


3. Dress for the occasion

When attempting to sleep in the heat, the key is to choose your nightwear carefully. It can be very tempting to hit the hay naked. But loose and lightweight pyjamas – especially those made from cotton – are usually the best option. These allow your skin to breathe and will ensure any sweat is soaked up (rather than being left on the body, making you feel hot and clammy).

As summer nights are often quite light, it’s also worth investing in a cotton eye mask.


4. Ditch the duvet

Still using a 13.5 tog duvet? If so, it may be time to vacuum pack your winter bedspread, store it in the loft, and get yourself a thin summer alternative – ideally around the 1.5 – 3 tog mark.

If you’re still finding it difficult to sleep in the heat, just ditch the duvet entirely and sleep under your thin cotton sheets. Or, before you go to bed, pop your pillowcase in the freezer for an hour. Again, these tricks will significantly improve your comfort levels and make it much easier to relax.


man sleeping in heat without duvet


5. Get the fans going

Your windows may be wide open; but, if there’s no breeze, the air in your bedroom can soon become still and muggy. The solution is an electric fan. This will continuously circulate the air, and if you place a bottle of frozen water in front of it, it will immediately start to cool down the room.

Of course, fans can often make a loud whirring noise. Some people find this soothing and it helps them to drop off to sleep in the heat. But if not, simply wear earplugs to block it out.



Is it time for a new mattress?

Hopefully, the tips outlined above will help you get to sleep in this unusually hot weather. But if you’re still fighting to catch those much-needed Z’s – it may be worth investing in a new mattress.

Not many people realise, but your mattress can have a surprisingly big impact on your body temperature and comfort levels. It’s all about the materials from which it’s made. For example – as they’re constructed from Medical GradeTM Foam – Mammoth Mattresses can successfully help to regulate body temperature, and are often deemed the best mattress for hot sleepers.


Mammoth mattress that helps you to sleep in the heat


The hot spell looks set to stick around for a while longer. So, if you’re struggling, why not take a look today? Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we have a comprehensive range of Mammoth Mattresses to choose from – both online and in-store – with something to suit all needs and preferences.

For more information, be sure to check out our recent ‘Guide to Mammoth Mattresses’. Or if you’d like further advice on how to sleep in the heat, please feel free to get in touch. We have excellent knowledge in this area and will happily recommend the ideal temperature-regulating mattress for you. Just give us a call on 0800 0740 129 or send an email to



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