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Hypnos Beds

Hypnos Beds

Hypnos Beds have a vision ‘to be the world’s most sustainable and aspirational sleep brand’. It is their aim to support everyone in the world to getting a full, deep night’s sleep every night. They do this by manufacturing sustainable yet stylish handmade beds and Hypnos mattresses. An innovative brand, Hypnos Bed Stockists, seek to find creative ways to continuously improve their designs and manufacturing processes. Hypnos are handcrafted in their Buckinghamshire workshops, with their products found in palaces, luxury hotels and mega yachts all around the globe.

Over their many years of experience in the bed building industry, Hypnos Beds have developed the know how to provide you with a bed of the highest quality and one which can guarantee a perfect night’s sleep.

Hypnos Mattress

Hypnos Mattress is crafted by an expert over numerous hours. Handstitched to the highest specification, there is an explicit emphasis on the comfort of each individual in the bed so that even on a double Hypnos Mattress both people can be comfortable, staying in their naturally preferred sleeping position to ensure an uninterrupted sleep.

The way Hypnos Mattresses are produced also allows for the full use of the mattress width thanks to edge to edge support, so even if your partner is restless and likes to toss and turn in their sleep you can rest assured knowing that your own quality of sleep will not suffer.

Hypnos Beds

Hypnos were established in 1904 and since then they have been at the forefront of the bedmaking industry. Their years of insight has seen them fine-tune the art of making Hypnos Beds. Since the Edwardian times, they have grown into a prestigious firm, whose handmade beds continue to be classed amongst the ‘most comfortable beds in the world’. Look no further than a Hypnos bed for your next bed purchase.

With only the finest materials used to make their products, Hypnos Beds build beds using silk and cotton, as well as using wool, cashmere, lambswool. They believe that without using high-class materials, it would be impossible to produce a high-class end product for their much-valued customers.

Hypnos Beds Royal Warrant

When her majesty Queen Elizabeth II gives something the Royal seal of approval then you know a product is of exceptional quality. Since 1929, Hypnos Bed Stockists have had a highly prized Royal Warrant, which is awarded to recognise those who have supplied a service or goods to the Royal Family.

King George V was the first monarch to issue Hypnos Beds with a Royal Warrant and it is a mark of Hypnos’ commitment to producing the highest standard of beds possible that so many years later the current monarch has continued to use a Hypnos Bed and Hypnos Mattress.

Check out the full Hypnos range of products on our website – Hypnos – or visit Dreamers Bed Centre in store at our showroom in Wigan, Lancashire.

Alternatively, get in touch via enquiries@dreamersbedcentre.co.uk or give us a call on 01942 275464 to discuss our Hypnos Beds products.

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