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LEO Sleep Mattresses

LEO Sleep mattresses have been designed for one reason – to be cool!

Our LEO Sleep range features our best selling hybrid mattress, the LEO Hybrid 3000 and our dynamic CooLEO All Foam mattress which offers a split tension.

It’s love at first sight with our LEO mattresses but the first touch will make you realise how cool these really are! We hear the same concerns everyday about memory foam, overheating is the biggest issue but settlement is the biggest concern for us. All our LEO mattresses feature CooLEO Foam which is 400% cooler than memory foam and they are finished with our CooLEO Cover which is silky soft and ice cool to touch!

LEO was designed to be a premium brand, our team has over 30 years of experience in the bedding industry and our mission wasn’t to create another range of vacuum-packed, rolled up mattresses, our mission was to be better and we are proud to be different. The LEO mattress range caters to your individual preferences, allowing you to design your own comfort.

Our LEO Hybrid 3000 comes in three different tensions – something for everyone! Whilst our CooLEO All Foam mattress is perfect for couples as it offers a split tension. Why compromise on comfort when you can bespoke it to you as an individual.

The LEO Hybrids are made up of individual pocket springs and our premium CooLEO foam benefits from a superior foam encapsulation which provides an edge to edge support so you can enjoy the full sleeping width of the mattress. We complete all the designs with the luxurious CooLEO touch cover which will give you a sleep out of this world so you wake up refreshed and energised for your day ahead.

CooLEO Foam

Memory foam gets hot, CooLEO Foam is 400% Cooler

We designed CooLEO Foam to give you a cooler and long lasting sleep. CooLEO Foam is 400% cooler than traditional memory foam. Banish those sweaty nights and experience increased support and durability

Choose Your Tension

Find your perfect comfort level with our LEO range.

Who would settle for a generic mattress? Find your preferred comfort throughout our LEO range. Our CooLEO mattress even gives a couple’s ‘true split tension’, where you can both have different tensions to meet your individual needs!


Compare our springs, bigger is always better.

Yes, we’ve included cool mini springs in our CooLEO Hybrid. But at the heart of our LEO Hybrid range lies TWO layers of full size springs. These two layers will provide you with a long lasting support for the perfect night’s sleep.

CooLEO Cover

Fall in love with the first touch. Soft, silky & ice cool.

Soulmates – we’re all in search for them. It’s love at first sight with our LEO mattresses, but the first touch will make you realise how cool these really are. Our soft and silky CooLEO cover ensures you stay cool even in the summer’s heat. Discover your perfect bedroom partner today with CooLEO.

Edge To Edge Support

LEO makes sure you can enjoy the full sleeping width of your mattress.

We care about the edge of our mattresses, it’s one of the most important aspects. Our Hybrid models feature a foam encapsulated edge that ensures a superior edge to edge support.

10 Year Warranty

5 Year Guarantee – 5 Year Warranty

10 years peace of mind.

Design Your Comfort

CooLEO is a truly unique mattress that allows couples to have individual tension preferences on either side of the mattress.

  • A True Split Tension, Any Tension, Any Side
  • Customise Both Sides, You Choose!
  • Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm
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Making Mattresses COOL

We Care About Quality

LEO was designed to be a premium brand that meets our high standards. We’re NOT another vaccum-packed, rolled-up mattress. We’re different and proud.

Made In The U.K.

We like to be hands on within our production process which is why we design and manufacture all of our LEO & CooLEO mattresses in the U.K.

0% Interest Available

Spread the cost of your LEO Sleep with our exclusive interest-free for 3 years offer. Sleep easy at night knowing your finances are manageable.

10 Year Warranty

No mattress will last forever but LEO will be the perfect mattress and give you peace of mind for 10 years.


LEO Hybrid 3000

Size: 6’0 Super King

Tension: Softer

“Absolutely fantastic service and such lovely staff! Carole helped me brilliantly looking for a good bed for my bad back and I couldn’t be more happier! Thank you again!”

Vic Conboy

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