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Mammoth mattresses – the antidote to pandemic posture

Noticed a few new aches and pains lately? Feel a bit creaky? You could be suffering from ‘pandemic posture’. It’s the latest term to be coined as a result of the coronavirus crisis; one that relates to the impact of...

Woman with pandemic posture

Noticed a few new aches and pains lately? Feel a bit creaky?

You could be suffering from ‘pandemic posture’.

It’s the latest term to be coined as a result of the coronavirus crisis; one that relates to the impact of lockdown and ‘stay at home’ living on our spinal health. Here we take a closer look at what pandemic posture is, why it’s on the rise, and what you can do to reverse any discomfort.


What is pandemic posture?

COVID-19 has affected pretty much every aspect of our lives – including, it seems, our posture.

For a start, we’ve been exercising less due to the closure of gyms and leisure centres. The first lockdown may have started with daily 30 minute walks and online fitness classes. But this initial enthusiasm soon started to fade. And by lockdown 3.0, approximately 2/5 of people confessed to spending more time sitting down – whether that be in front of a computer screen or TV.

In addition, lots of people are now working from home in a non-ergonomic set-up – perhaps sitting on the sofa with their laptop, or hunching over their computer at the kitchen table.

Not only have these factors led to a reduction in mobility and flexibility, for many, they’ve caused significant discomfort. Maintaining a hunched posture for long periods can cause long-term aches, lower back pain, a stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, numbness and tingling and more.

Add to this the stress and anxiety caused by a global crisis – which, generally, can make our bodies very tense – and it’s not surprising that the last year has taken its toll on our spines.


Woman suffering from pandemic posture


The importance of sleep to your spinal health

When it comes to improving spinal health, we’re all aware that we need to sit up straight, take regular screen breaks, and do more exercise. But most people forget to prioritise their sleep.

Sleep has a huge role to play in spinal health. It allows the muscles and ligaments in your back to relax and heal. And to protect your spine – and give it the best possible chance of recovery – it’s important to get 7-8 hours of shut-eye per night and invest in a supportive mattress.

Our recommendation would either be the Mammoth Mattress Shine or Mammoth Move.

Mammoth is a scientifically acclaimed brand, renowned for its use of advanced materials, and its mattresses boast several features that can make all the difference to your spinal health.

For example, they’re all made from unique Medical GradeTM foam. Approved by health professionals, and independently tested, this foam has been proven to provide optimal pressure relief. Not only does it respond instantly to the shape and size of your body – therefore maximising your comfort and improving your sleep quality – it also helps to ease any aches, pains and soreness.

What’s more, all Mammoth mattresses feature state-of-the-art PostureCellsTM. These move independently of each other, absorbing your motion throughout the night. And as such, they offer unrivalled postural support and make it much easier for you to get your recommended 7 hours.

The Mammoth Shine and Mammoth Move are packed full of these key comfort technologies; with up to 90mm and 140mm of Medical GradeTM foam, respectively, and seven zones of PostureCellsTM each. They’re luxurious and supportive, specifically recommended for people who suffer from aches and pains. And they could be the perfect antidote to your pandemic posture.


Mammoth mattresses that can help to ease symptoms of pandemic posture


Want to know more about Mammoth mattresses?

Further information regarding Mammoth mattresses and their benefits can be found in our previous blogs: ‘A guide to Mammoth mattresses’ and ‘Get a good night’s sleep with a Mammoth mattress’. And a detailed specification of each model can be found on their individual product pages.

But keep in mind, we’re always happy to help. If you have a question about pandemic posture – or the best mattress to relieve your spinal discomfort – you’re welcome to contact our team of experts at any time. We have a long-standing relationship with this leading brand, and we understand their products like the back of our hands. Which means, we can easily point you in the right direction.

Simply give us a call on 01942 275 464 and we’ll talk you through the options available, or send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



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