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Mammoth mattresses – the key to sleep on warmer nights

Struggling to sleep in the warmer weather? Finally, the sun has put its hat on and temperatures are starting to rise – which is great. But sunshine by day comes hand-in-hand with sticky nights. And if you’re like most people,...

Man struggling to sleep because of warm weather

Struggling to sleep in the warmer weather?

Finally, the sun has put its hat on and temperatures are starting to rise – which is great. But sunshine by day comes hand-in-hand with sticky nights. And if you’re like most people, no doubt you’re tossing and turning, struggling to sleep in the summer climate, and waking up hot and sweaty.

But not to worry. A cooling Mammoth mattress and some carefully selected bedding could be all it takes to improve the situation, ensuring you sleep soundly through the hottest months of the year.


Naturally-cooling Medical GradeTM foam

Did you know, your mattress can have a surprisingly big impact on your body temperature?

It’s all about the materials from which the mattress is made. To ensure you stay cool, the material needs to be breathable – with in-built ventilation that prevents any heat from getting trapped.

This is why Mammoth mattresses are often deemed the best option for hot sleepers.

Crafted from Medical GradeTM Foam and modern fabrics (e.g. TENCEL), Mammoth mattresses are naturally cooling and specifically designed to regulate body temperature. Unlike traditional memory foam, they stay at a consistent temperature throughout the night. The material doesn’t heat up, so neither will you. And even on the hottest of summer nights, you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we’re incredibly proud to be a UK leading Mammoth stockist – and we have a comprehensive range of their scientifically proven cooling mattresses and pillows for you to choose from. Our advice? If your sleep is suffering due to the weather, or you regularly experience night sweats, it’s worth taking a look and investing in this innovative brand.

There’s a size and model to suit all preferences, all of which feature the naturally-cooling Medical GradeTM foam. And they’re all available for a competitive price and ready for speedy delivery.


Naturally-cooling Mammoth mattress and pillows


3 extra tips to create the perfect summer bed

A cooling Mammoth mattress is certainly the first step to improving the quality of your summertime sleep. But it can’t work miracles. To give yourself the best chance of catching some Zs – despite the rising temperatures – there are few other things that you should do as well. For example:


1. Switch to a summer duvet

15 tog duvets have no place in the spring-summer months. Switch it out for a lightweight ‘summer duvet’, with a tog rating between 1-4.5 tog. It may feel very thin at first, but it will help to keep your body temperature low and you can always add a couple of extra sheets for the cooler nights.


2. Use breathable materials

Forget about the flannel bedding and fleece blankets. On warmer nights, it’s important to use summer bedding made from natural fibres – such as cotton, bamboo or silk. These are much more breathable than synthetic options and help to wick away moisture from your skin.


3. Choose lighter shades

When it comes to summer bed linen, be sure to select lighter shades – such as white or pastels. Psychologically, these will help you to feel cool and serene when you’re getting ready for bed. But also, such colours absorb less heat during the day, and therefore will still be pleasantly cool by bedtime.


Ideal summer bed available at Dreamers Bed Centre


Ready to create your ‘summer bed’?


With deliveries made in as little as 2 weeks, there’s still plenty of time to order your Mammoth mattress and reap the benefits this summer. So, why not browse our full online collection? And for more information to help you choose, be sure to check out our ‘Guide to Mammoth mattresses’.

We’re always happy to help. And if you have any questions – about how to improve your sleep during the warm weather or the best mattress to keep you cool – you’re welcome to get in touch. We have a long-standing partnership with Mammoth and we know their products inside-out.

Simply give us a call on 01942 275 464 or send an email to Alternatively, feel free to visit our showroom, where you can see our Mammoth range in person and chat with one of our in-house experts. Together, we can create the perfect ‘summer bed’ for you.



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