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Mammoth Medical Grade Foam Mattresses

What is Medical Grade Foam?

Mammoth’s mattresses are a new and upcoming trend within the bedding and medical industry. Their unique polymer cell technoloy was first used in spinal injury, orthopaedic and intensive care units to help increase blood circulation, to reduce inflammation whilst keeping the back aligned and aiding recovery. Mammoth are not only proven to enhance your sleep which is fantastic for those who struggle with back/shoulder pain, and wake up on a daily basis not feeling refreshed. But it is also proven to make you fall asleep quicker and for longer.

Hard to resist?

Mammoth’s medical grade foam mattresses, dismiss all arguments and opinions of memory foam, if you have had a bad experience with memory foam, or a friend has advised against it, this is why mammoth is the perfect product for you. The high specification medical grade foam features a V-Max technology that allows a permenant air flow throughout the foam and unlike memory foam it doesn’t lock you in a position. Recent studies show that turning less throughout your night’s sleep isn’t necessarily a good thing, and this is something memory foam aids, as you contour to the foam and have that sumptuous, sinking in feeling. Pressure relief and spinal disc health is seen to be better when you can move freely at night, these are known as ‘Postural Shifts’. Postural Shifts are known to decrease as you age, explaining why, past 35, you are more prone to morning back ache. For an ideal person you should be encounting 40-60 postural shifts a night, but over the of 65, this can decrease to just 16, with poor bedding being the main factor to blame.

Mammoth offer mattresses in many different tensions, starting with the performance range which offer three different tensions, along with their hybrid range if you are put off by the idea of an all foam mattress. However, the performance range is something we recommend, although it is all foam, it is made with such a specfication that it doesn’t contour to your body like memory foam, nor does it warm to your body temperature. The Medical grade foam will support your body with such support that it can resist upto 40 stone, each side of the mattress.

Mammoth’s performance range has castellations cut into the top of the mattress, which is when the V-max Technology comes to life as these aid the permenant air flow throughout the mattress. As you can see below the mattresses are made in three zones, the head and foot end are less dense and it builds up in the centre, where you will apply the most pressure and where you need the most support, which is the lower back and lumbar.

Mammoth are endorsed by many olympians and elite athletes, it is also recommended by the chirapractor association. Dr. Jason Ellis worked closely with Mammoth to ensure the mattresses are benefical for all. Over 80% of the UK’s population expereince back pain in their lives, and the NHS spends more than £1 billion per year on related costs. Mammoth mattresses are classed as a medical 1 and 2 device, and as they are highly benefical for those who suffer with the likes of arthritis and sciatica, if you are registered at the doctors, chirapractor or physiotherarpist, this product is available to you, VAT Exempt.

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