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Refresh your bedroom with Mammoth Mattresses

Refresh your bedroom with Mammoth Mattress

The bedroom is somewhere where we spend a lengthy amount of time every day, spending roughly one-third of our lives in bed. What many people do not know is how often items in the bedroom need to be replaced and this can lead to things such as your mattress or pillows being used well past their premium functionality.

Mammoth Mattress
Mammoth mattresses are medically proven to deliver an improved night’s sleep, while their mattresses have also been shown to provide support and a wealth of comfort for up to 10 years. This sets Mammoth apart from the rest, as the Sleep Council recommend changing your mattress about every seven or eight years. So why not opt for a medical grade foam mattress from Mammoth!

Unlike normal memory foam mattresses, medical foam from Mammoth is designed to expel heat making for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The idea was thought up by company founder John Tuton after he suffered injuries to his ribs and back playing rugby. He needed something to aid his recovery so the concept for the Mammoth mattress was born and John called on his experience in the medical industry to develop the first prototype.

Mammoth Pillows
It is recommended to buy new pillows every two to three years to maintain a healthy sleep. Mammoth Pillows are also made from medical foam and are designed to help maintain a healthy posture and to prevent back and neck pain.

Your pillows are also the favourite environment for dust mites due to them holding dead skin cells and hair, which is more than enough of a reason to regularly wash your pillows and then eventually replace them every two or three years. However, pillows which are of poor quality to begin with will lose their shape and ability to support your head a lot sooner than one which is made from medical foam.

Mammoth Beds
Due to their proven health benefits, Mammoth Beds are the chosen bed and mattress suppliers of several professional sports organisations around the country. Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur recently chose Mammoth as their official Mattress and Pillow Supplier. The products will be in use at the player’s homes as well as in the club’s private player accommodation facility.

Premiership Rugby outfit Northampton Saints have also used Mammoth Beds and Mattresses to their benefit while Olympic champions Pete Reed and Hollie Webb both are Mammoth ambassadors.

If Mammoth is good enough for the world’s sporting elite then surely investing in a Mammoth Bed would be a wise decision!

Take a look at the Mammoth list of products in its entirety on their brand page – Mammoth – or drop in at the Dreamers Bed Centre showroom in Wigan, Lancashire to browse the collection for yourself.

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