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Sleep – the key to your New Year’s resolution

Making a New Year’s resolution is easy. Sticking to it – for more than a couple of weeks – is tough. But did you know, in many cases, the difference between your success and failure could be sleep? When striving...

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Making a New Year’s resolution is easy. Sticking to it – for more than a couple of weeks – is tough. But did you know, in many cases, the difference between your success and failure could be sleep?

When striving to make improvements to any aspect of your life, sleep is an important factor that most people overlook. Sleep influences a range of bodily functions that are crucial for good health – and improving the quality and quantity of your shut-eye can have many benefits.

Detailed information on these benefits can be found in our previous blog ‘Is sleep important?’. But here, we explore how getting more sleep could help you to achieve some common New Year goals.


Common New Year’s resolutions


Resolution 1: “I will eat healthier”

People who stay up late tend to snack more in the evening – and, on average, will weigh more than those who hit the hay early.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to poor meal choices during the day. This is due to its effect on important hormones in our bloodstream. Lack of sleep reduces our levels of leptin (i.e. the hormone responsible for making us feel full), whilst simultaneously boosting ghrelin (i.e. the hunger hormone). Therefore, if you don’t get your recommended number of hours, you’ll have a much greater appetite and are more likely to crave carbohydrates, salty and sugary snacks.


Resolution 2: “I will exercise more”

Let’s face it, nobody feels like hitting the gym when they’re exhausted.

But beyond the lack of motivation, the benefits of exercise may be also be reduced if you haven’t had enough sleep. Research has shown that inadequate levels of rest can negatively affect your speed, strength and endurance. The less sleep you get, the shorter your workout is likely to be the next day – and the less likely you are to benefit, both mentally and physically, from the exercise.


Examples of New Year goals that can be supported by sleep


Resolution 3: “I will make progress and get a promotion at work”

Sleep has a direct impact on a range of brain functions, including cognition, concentration, productivity and memory – all of which are crucial to perform well at work.

Therefore, if you’d like to progress professionally this year and aspire to be promoted in the workplace, try getting a few early nights. Good-quality, substantial rest will make you sharp, motivated and cheerful, helping you to reach your full potential and impress your boss.


Resolution 4: “I will try to be more positive”

Too many late nights can make us feel grouchy and short-tempered. And in the long-term, failing to get enough shut-eye can lead to or exacerbate mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Countless studies have now proven the connection between sleep and mood. Sleeplessness can have a significant negative effect on our overall mental wellbeing. And if you’re attempting to improve your outlook on life, it’s worth making sleep – and other forms of self-care – a priority.


Resolution 5: “I  want to quit smoking”

This is a particularly difficult New Year’s goal; but again, getting enough sleep could help you to succeed.  Sleep deprivation is associated with higher rates of nicotine dependence. Truthfully, researchers aren’t 100% sure why this is the case – but it’s likely to be due to nicotine’s ‘activating’ properties, which help users to relax and concentrate when they’re feeling sleepy.

A lack of sleep also affects your ability to make good decisions. Of course, you understand the health risks of smoking; that’s why you’re trying to quit. But when you’re feeling tired and tetchy, you’re much more likely to give in to the cravings.


Beds that could help you to get more sleep


How to get more sleep this new year

January is the ideal time to assess your sleep routine and change any habits that could be hampering the quality and quantity of your sleep. Not only could these changes lead to a range of health benefits, they could also help you to achieve your goals and keep your New Year’s resolution.

Advice on how to improve sleep can be found in some of our previous blogs, including ‘Five things to help you sleep better at night’ and ‘Get a good night’s sleep with a Mammoth Mattress’.

However, to summarise, you should:

  • – strive for 7-8 hours per night
  • – get up and go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends
  • – avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol
  • – eat a healthy meal in the early evening
  • – put away electronic devices one hour before bed
  • – keep the bedroom as dark as possible

It may also be worth investing in a new mattress. No matter how well you commit to these changes, if your bed isn’t right, it will still very difficult to get more sleep.

Thankfully, here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we have a diverse range of beds and mattresses for you to choose from. These are all manufactured by leading brands, known for their quality and comfort – such as Mammoth, Hypnos and Millbrook – with something to suit all preferences and requirements.

So, why not take a look today? And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you’d like further tips on how to get more sleep or guidance on the best bed or mattress for you, we’re happy to help at any time. Either give us a call on 01942 275 464 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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