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Struggling with Sleep? Choose the Right Mattress from Dreamers Bed Centre

Many people find it difficult to work out why they wake up tired every morning. While many of us are infuriatingly conscious during our periods of tossing and turning through the night, others may not be fully aware that they are not achieving a proper sleep cycle due to physical discomfort.

One of the main causes of an unsatisfactory night’s sleep is the wrong choice of mattress. You may not be aware that there are other options available to you in this department, but changing the surface on which you lie each evening could have a revolutionary impact on your wellbeing.

Here are a few of the ways in which you can change your mattress to improve your sleep health.

1. Firm or Soft?

People with back problems or trouble finding a comfortable position may be suffering as a result of too little support or too much resistance from their mattress. This issue differs from person to person; some sleepers prefer a soft and cosy surface while others like theirs firm.

A Dreamers Bed Centre, you are given a different tension options when you choose your mattress, with a range spanning from soft or soft/medium to medium, medium/firm, firm and extra firm. If you’re not sure which you need, you’re welcome to pop into our showroom and find out!

2. Springs or Foam?

Changing the inner structure of your mattress can also make a huge difference to your sense of comfort. At Dreamers Bed Centre, we offer a choice of open coil spring, pocket spring, foam and medical grade foam mattresses. Each option provides a different set of benefits depending on the needs of the individual using it.


Open coil spring mattresses are a more traditional design and are available in a variety of tensions. They are ideal for people who don’t move a great deal in their sleep and are happy with a simple, affordable option of great quality.

Pocket spring mattresses work well for restless sleepers, as each set of springs shifts independently, preventing too much movement across the rest of the mattress and stopping you from disturbing or rolling into anyone sharing your bed. This design also means that your chosen sleeping position meets with less resistance, and you’ll find yourself better supported and more comfortable.


 Memory foam and medical grade foam were developed for the NASA space programme. They ensure your comfort and support by moulding to your body and holding you gently in your favourite sleeping position. While memory foam reacts to your body heat and slowly adjusts to your form, medical grade options do not require any change in temperature to work, so they respond to pressure and embrace your body more quickly.

You can also select temperature-adjusting mattresses of this kind to soothe you if you become too hot or cold in the night.

These are just a few of the options available at Dreamers Bed Centre that have been designed to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. For further information, contact our team today on or call 0800 0740129 or 01942 275464. Our team members will be more than happy to talk you through your options and assist you in choosing the best mattress for your needs.

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