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Update your bedroom with an Ottoman Bed

The Ottoman Beds combine practicality with style to provide a space saving solution for any bedroom. An Ottoman Bed will ensure that you have bags of storage space which is perfect for bedding, pillows and shoes. What is an Ottoman...

The Ottoman Beds combine practicality with style to provide a space saving solution for any bedroom. An Ottoman Bed will ensure that you have bags of storage space which is perfect for bedding, pillows and shoes.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

Ottoman Beds are a type of divan bed but are specifically designed to offer great capacity. The base of the bed is lifted up using gas-lift hydraulics to reveal a hidden storage compartment. When compared to bed drawers, an Ottoman allows you to store more reliably, in an organised fashion.

Whether you choose a bed that lifts from the bottom end or the side, the Ottoman Beds are recommended for when space isn’t a premium!

Ottoman History

The Ottoman Beds that we know and love have a rich history. With the name originating from the Ottoman Empire in the 13th Century, the distinctive designs and storage functionality of the beds made them a popular choice for many.

By the 18th century, the beds were imported through Europe and today they don’t only provide a clever storage solution, they look just as impressive.

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we have the Ottoman Beds in a complete range of colours and styles available for you to choose from, allowing you to create the look that you want. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something to suit your traditional or modern style preferences, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

How does an Ottoman Bed lift?

Unlike other beds, the Ottoman Beds require minimal effort to lift, thanks to gas-lift hydraulics. We can help you to find a bed that not only allows you to sleep in comfort but one that offers a smart solution for keeping items safe and organised.

If you’re looking to store belongings but you want to be able to access them with ease, you’ll be pleased to know that our Ottoman Beds can easily be opened and closed. What’s more; they also operate at a controlled speed which makes them somewhat safer because once you lift it up, it remains up until you close it.

Ottoman Beds Vs. Divan Beds

There are several similarities and differences between an Ottoman Bed and a divan bed and we provide an extensive range of both! Divans and Ottomans both provide the following:

  • Built-in storage space
  • Matching headboards available
  • Choice of materials
  • Choice of colours

In terms of storage, the two beds are very different; the Ottoman Beds offer under the bed storage whilst divans are more versatile and can include the Ottoman storage or drawers.

A mattress is provided with a divan to provide you with an all-in-one solution, but with an Ottoman, the mattress isn’t included and you will need to choose one that is suitable for the lifting mechanism (i.e. one that isn’t too heavy!)

If you’re looking for a supportive night’s sleep, the Ottoman Beds guarantee gentle support and have sprung slats that are slightly curved to enhance comfort. These beds only require little bedroom space because they are designed to be more compact.

Ottoman Benefits

Choosing a new bed needn’t be difficult! At Dreamers, we have some of the latest trends in stock, so you needn’t worry about finding one that matches your stylish needs and budget.

Wondering how you can benefit from an Ottoman Bed? Why not consider the following?

  1. Organisation

Keep your room tidy with an Ottoman Bed from Dreamers today. One of our beds will enable you to utilise the space that you have available, effectively. Whether it be towels, bedding, duvets or shoes, our beds are ideal if you’re looking to minimise the clutter in your room and to keep items free from dust.

  1. Storage

Do you only have limited space to store your belongings? An Ottoman Bed provides you with the best of both worlds, offering somewhere to sleep and somewhere to store the items that can often clutter up your room. Choosing one of our beds will reduce your dependence on extra furniture, allowing you to keep your costs down and to create the quality finish that you desire.

  1. Style

At our Wigan based showroom, the Ottoman Beds are available in a choice of leading brands, ranging from Sognatori, Kaydian and Serene. Within our extensive range of beds, you’re sure to find one that satisfies your stylish needs and complements the décor of your bedroom.

  1.    Affordability

Your new bed doesn’t have to break the bank- here at Dreamers, we supply beds to suit the requirements of everyone so you’re sure to find one that provides you with exceptional value for your money!

If you’re keen to find out how you could benefit from an Ottoman Bed, why not find out for yourself by visiting our showroom, at least then you can visualise what the bed will look like in your bedroom and make sure that you choose the most suitable one.

For more information, call us on 01942 275464 today!


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