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Welcome your festive bubble with a new guest bed

After a year of social distancing and strict COVID-19 restrictions, it’s fair to say, most of us had resigned to the idea of a ‘stay at home’ Christmas – with only the people in our household. But good news! Recognising...

guest bed at Christmas

After a year of social distancing and strict COVID-19 restrictions, it’s fair to say, most of us had resigned to the idea of a ‘stay at home’ Christmas – with only the people in our household.

But good news! Recognising the importance of the festive season (particularly after such a difficult year) the government is changing some social contact rules for a short period. For five days, from the 23rd – 27th December, we’re allowed to form an exclusive ‘Christmas Bubble’ with two other households. And people are permitted to travel between tiers and stay overnight at each other’s house.

Which means, it’s time to start preparing the guest bedroom.

Figure out exactly who is in your bubble, make the necessary travel arrangements, and use our clever tips to ensure your guests get a safe and comfortable night’s sleep in your home.


3 tips to prepare for your Christmas bubble


1. Clear the clutter

Spare room evolved into a makeshift storage space? Yep, ours too. But with guests about to bring their glad tidings (as well as a suitcase full of their personal belongings!), decluttering is essential.

Start by sorting items out into two piles: stuff you wish to keep and things you’re happy to get rid of. Vacuum bags are a brilliant solution for storing surplus clothes, coats and bedding. Simply pop everything inside the bag, suck out the air with your hoover, and pack them away in the loft. Plastic boxes are another fantastic way to organise belongings and store them neatly under the bed.

And remember, once the guest room looks a little tidier, be sure to give it a deep clean. After months of disuse, it’s bound to have gathered dust and high-touch areas need to be sanitised.


Blankets and pillows for on a guest bed


2. Invest in a comfy guest bed

Perhaps you never got round to buying a guest bed for the spare room? Or maybe you’d like to upgrade an old, lumpy model for one that is new and plush? You’ll find there are so many guest bed options to choose from, with something to suit all requirements and preferences.

For example, here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we currently offer a selection of trundle beds, sofa beds, and folding beds. These are all very quick and easy to set-up and, despite being designed for short-term use, they’re exceptionally comfortable and guaranteed to provide a restful night’s sleep. We also have a range of single beds, which offer a fantastic permanent solution for a guest bedroom.

The right option for you depends on your available space. Simply take a look through our full online collection and choose one that is suitable for your guests, but also practical for your home.


3. Add the final touches

The last step is to make the guest bedroom feel as warm and welcoming as possible.

Perhaps invest in some new high-quality pillows? Everybody has a preference when it comes to the ‘perfect pillow’, so it’s a good idea to have a few different options for your guests to choose from.

It’s also a nice touch to make the guest bed with fresh, festive bedding and perhaps add a few extra throws and fluffy blankets. Getting the temperature right for everyone can be tricky. But this way, all guests can wrap up to suit their preferences and there’ll be no need to alter the thermostat.


Examples of guest beds available at Dreamers Bed Centre


Guest beds delivered in time for Christmas

For many, the proposed ‘Christmas bubbles’ have come as a sudden (albeit very pleasant!) surprise.

But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of time to sort the guest bedroom and get ready to welcome your nearest and dearest. Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, our full range of guest and sofa beds are in stock and ready to be delivered within just a few weeks. And the best bit? They’re available for an incredibly competitive price, with many discounted in our ‘Up to 50% OFF’ post-lockdown sale.

So, why not take a look today?

And if you have any questions about the guest beds for sale in our store, or would like a little advice on the best style for your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help and would love to make Christmas 2020 that little bit more special for you and your bubble. Just give us a call on 01942 275 464 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.


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