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What are Hypnos Beds?

Is it time to refresh the décor of your bedroom? Perhaps you’re looking to find a new bed that allows you to sleep in comfort? Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we supply a wide selection of Hypnos Beds that are guaranteed...

Is it time to refresh the décor of your bedroom? Perhaps you’re looking to find a new bed that allows you to sleep in comfort? Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we supply a wide selection of Hypnos Beds that are guaranteed to suit your sleeping and waking style!

Who are Hypnos?

The family-run bed making company, Hypnos, are the experts when it comes to manufacturing divan beds, mattresses, headboards and pillows, so you needn’t worry about finding a bed that’s built to the very best quality!

Offering more than 100 years of experience when it comes to bed-making, Hypnos are known to produce some of the most comfortable beds on the global market and have been rewarded a Royal Warrant in recognition for their services to the Royal Family.

Did you know that her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II sleeps on a Hypnos Bed?

What are Hypnos Beds?

The Hypnos Beds that we supply at Dreamers are part of a luxurious collection, blending natural and sustainable fillings together. Our Hypnos beds are renowned for their signature pocket spring systems and are carefully crafted to offer various levels of support and comfort to suit sleeping patterns.

No matter which of our Hypnos Beds you choose, you’ll notice that they are each designed to deliver a sense of luxury and are guaranteed to match your traditional or modern style requirements. In addition to this, the Hypnos Beds are perfect if you’re looking to alleviate aches and pains.

Hypnos Beds are arguably the best in the world and can be customised to allow you to sleep well every night- is it any surprise that hotels are choosing them?

Hypnos Beds at Premier Inn

If you’ve ever stayed at a Premier Inn, you’ll know just how comfortable that their beds are! At the Premier Inn, not only can you get out on the right side of the bed, you’re sure to get out of the best bed.

Some people enjoy their stay so much that they are keen to find the same bed for their home- ensuring that they have a great night’s sleep, every night. Each hotel has a luxury kingsize Hypnos Bed that incorporates thousands of pocket springs, a pillow top mattress, duvet and pillows, ultimately creating the bed of your dreams.

The same Hypnos Divan Beds can be found at our Wigan showroom, so be sure to check them out here today!

  • Thousands of pocket springs

Any of our Hypnos Beds are supplied with a Hypnos mattress. There are thousands of pocket springs found in the mattress and these move separately to provide you with the support that you need when you need it most.

  • Individual pocket springs

To ensure optimal comfort, the springs of our Hypnos Beds sit in their very own pockets to make sure that less air bellows. As well as this, the way the pocket springs are arranged makes it easier for air to circulate throughout the mattress and allows for body temperature regulation.

  • Layer of comfort

Unlike any other bed, the Hypnos Beds incorporate a wool-rich comfort layer, hence why hotels, like the Premier Inn, choose them! A Hypnos Bed offers an extra cosy, luxurious feel and has natural hollow fibres that encourage airflow and improve moisture management.

  • Hand-stitched mattresses

The experts at Hypnos pay careful attention to detail when creating their beds to ensure that you find the comfort you need to sleep blissfully. Spending hours on end stitching the mattresses for Hypnos Beds, they offer a great level of support and comfort for everyone!

  • Plump pillows

You’ll discover a range of Hypnos pillows at Dreamers, some which offer soft support and others medium. No matter how much support you need beneath your head, you’re sure to find what you need!

The type of pillow you need is often dependent on the way that you sleep…

Sleeping on your front.

When sleeping on your front, a soft pillow allows you to sleep without straining your neck or keeping your head raised too high, allowing you to sleep in a natural position.

Sleeping on your back.

Finding the right support for your neck is essential if you sleep on your back. Try a firm pillow or two soft pillows to ensure that you can sleep comfortably.

Sleeping on your side.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, your pillows need to fill the space from your ear to your shoulder. Often a firmer pillow is best and you may need more than one, depending on how broad your shoulders are.

If Hypnos Beds are good enough for the Royal Family and the Premier Inn, surely they must be good enough for you? Call us on 01942 275464 to find out more today!


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