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What bed size is the biggest?

Finding the right size for your bed is more difficult than it sounds, due to the sheer amount of sizes that are available. You might have your idea of a perfect night’s sleep in mind but depending on the size...

different sizes of bed

Finding the right size for your bed is more difficult than it sounds, due to the sheer amount of sizes that are available. You might have your idea of a perfect night’s sleep in mind but depending on the size of your room and how tall or wide you are, this might have to change. A compromise may have to be made!

Don’t get us wrong, everyone would love the biggest mattress possible, so they are not hanging off the edge of the bed with their partner taking up the remaining 95%! However, financial and practical stumbling blocks can get in the way of purchasing an emperor-sized bed.

Here at Dreamers, we have listed the types of mattresses that you could be sleeping on in the future and reveal which bed size is the biggest once and for all.

Small single bed

The small single bed is the smallest adult mattress available, coming in at 2’6” in length and 6’3” in width. This means that although it is the same length as a standard single mattress, the main difference comes in its width, as it is some 5 inches narrower than your standard. This means it should be a snug fit for any adult that is looking for a bed just for themselves.

Standard single bed

This is the most popular single bed around and can be used by adults comfortably, with room to manoeuvre during the night if you are a sleeper that struggles to find the perfect position. These measure at 3’0” by 6’3”, so they can comfortably accommodate the standard sized adult, hence why they are so popular.

Small double bed (Queen)

A common misconception is that a queen size is slightly smaller than a king, but this is wrong! In actual fact, a queen-sized bed is smaller than a double mattress. It is the same length as a standard double, but it is 15cm narrower, coming in at 4’0” in length and 6’3” in width. This is a pretty snug fit for two adults but could be the perfect option  if you are looking to have some more space when sleeping alone.

Standard double bed

This measures in at approximately 4’6” by 6’3” and is very popular with couples , giving them enough room to sleep  together, even though there might not be much wriggle room! These look good  and fit in most bedrooms, but you may want to invest in a larger bed if you are a restless sleeper so you can both have a smooth sleep.

King-sized bed

King-sized is the most popular size of mattress and it’s easy to understand why  – providing much more space than a standard double bed. This is reflected in the price, as they are  also more expensive than their double counterparts. However, what you pay in extra cost, you will make up for in the sheer amount of mattress, as this measures in at 5’3” by 6”6”.

Super-king and emperor beds

With the growing number of mattresses available, most couples are now opting to combine two single mattresses to make a super king size. This allows them to still sleep with their partner, whilst  tailoring their mattress to the firmness they prefer. As the name suggests, this bed is larger than a standard king-size as it comes in at 6’0” by 6’6”.

The emperor takes the crown of the biggest bed available, measuring a massive 6’6” by 6’6” in size. This huge space means you are able to comfortably fit two larger than average adults. It may even leave you searching for your partner due to its size, but it will ensure that you have a comfortable night’s sleep with plenty of space to change position if needed.

Find the perfect bed for you

Here at Dreamers, we offer most of the bed sizes listed here, meaning you get lots of choice and can select the best to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep. By carefully considering the size of your new bed you are making sure that it fits well in proportion to the rest of your room, as well as finding the right amount of space needed for either one  or two sleepers. Come and take a look at our beds in Liverpool and the surrounding areas now to find your perfect model today!

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