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What Variables Have the Most Effect on your Sleep?

The specialists at Dreamers Bed Centre come across a wide variety of individuals seeking a better night’s sleep every day. Here, they delve into the main reasons behind this frustrating problem, and explain how each might be resolved.


You may be in the habit of keeping a light on at night, and while you may do this for your own comfort or in order to help you find your way to your glass of water in the night, it may actually be affecting your sleep.

Maybe a streetlight glares through your curtains throughout the night, preventing you from entering deep sleep.

Furthermore, in summer, light can begin to stream through your window from as early as between 4 in the morning, and may not leave until as late as 10 at night!

To resolve this problem, many people invest in eye masks or, for a more definite solution, switch their lighter curtains or blinds for thick, heavy blackout versions.


It’s difficult to predict the change in temperature that our rooms – and our bodies – are likely to undergo while we sleep. We’ll open a window in a hot room, only to wake up shivering in the night – or turn up the radiator when we’re freezing in bed, only to become drenched in a pool of sweat as we sleep.

Many people use fans to cool them down in this latter scenario, but the noise and dry air that tends to fill the room as a result may actually disturb your sleep more.

Layering thinner sheets and blankets may be a good approach here, as you can quickly decide whether to keep them all on or remove them. You can also use an electric blanket to temporarily heat your bed if it’s too cold.

If you tend to get too hot in bed, it might be worth investing in a mattress with a cooling feature, such as the Mammoth Shine Essential Firmer Mattress.

Health and State of Mind

Everyone knows that trying to sleep with a cold or flu can be nightmarish. Taking night time cold or flu meds, or using a vaporub to clear the airways, may help you a little. Allergies, too, can really play up at night – so a hypoallergenic mattress can help a great deal. A bad neck or back will also cause real problems.

Sadly, there is little that can be done to help with stress or worry apart from making a change to the elements of your life that cause these issues, or speaking to a therapist. However, meditation, spending time outdoors and getting plenty of exercise can go some way towards relieving this kind of tension and helping you to sleep.

Existing Sleeping Pattern

If you aren’t able to maintain a good sleeping routine, you may find yourself tossing and turning. Jetlag can be a major issue here, as can regularly staying out late to socialise or working day and night shifts on and off. This can be highly detrimental to your health. If you’re really struggling, you may find it’s worth making a major lifestyle change, such as requesting a more healthy shift pattern if possible.

Substances and Medications

Drinking alcohol can badly disrupt your sleep, as can certain medications. Talk to your doctor about what you take, and, if possible, try not to take anything within at least an hour of going to bed.


If there’s poor sound insulation in your room, if your partner snores or if you can hear sounds outside through an open window, your sleep is likely to be heavily affected.

Many people listen to the radio or watch television to fall asleep, but this may be doing more harm than good by preventing deep sleep.

If you can, try to invest in better sound insulation. Otherwise, earplugs work well for many people.

General Physical Comfort

Investing in a mattress tailored to your needs is likely to be a game changer. Not only will your back and neck be better supported, but a well-designed mattress will prevent you from being woken up by your partner shifting around next to you, and can also help to keep you cool at night and free from irritations.

In order to find your perfect mattress, visit the Dreamers Bed Centre showroom at Unit 10 Park Industrial Estate, Liverpool Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 0YU. You can also contact us using the handy form on our website.

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