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Adjustable beds – the best way to stop snoring?

Did you know, over 40% of the UK adult population snore? That equates to about 15 million people, waking up each morning feeling tired and groggy – and probably in their partner’s bad books for keeping them awake. Sound familiar?...

Man who needs a snoring solution

Did you know, over 40% of the UK adult population snore?

That equates to about 15 million people, waking up each morning feeling tired and groggy – and probably in their partner’s bad books for keeping them awake.

Sound familiar?

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we may have the solution. Forget about relocating to the sofa every night. Or spending a small fortune on essential oils and other snoring remedies that simply don’t work. What you need, is an adjustable bed – and here our in-house sleep experts explain why.


Why do you snore in the first place?

Snoring occurs when your airways are narrowed, and airflow is obstructed in some way.

This obstruction may be caused by:


  • – sleeping with your mouth open
  • – inflammation of the sinuses (e.g. due to allergies, sinusitis)
  • – excessive tissue caused by genetics or weight gain
  • – smoking
  • – drinking alcohol before bed
  • – sleeping on your back
  • – some medical conditions (e.g. hyperthyroidism, sleep apnea)


In each case, the air is unable to move freely – either because too much weight is being placed on your throat or your airways are blocked. Instead, as you breathe, the air squeezes past the soft tissues. And as a result, those tissues start to vibrate – leading to the frustrating rumbling sounds that can disturb your sleep and the rest of your household.

The good news?

Whatever it is that’s narrowing your airways – whether it be your favourite sleeping position, a summer allergy or something else – an electric adjustable bed can help to address the issue at its root.


Diagram to explain what causes snoring



How can an adjustable bed stop snoring?

There are three ways in which an adjustable bed can help to stop snoring and improve the quality of your sleep:


Adjustable beds icon

1. By elevating your head

Elevating the head is a well-known and effective way to stop snoring.

Being propped up by just a few inches can reduce pressure on the throat – forcing the tongue and jaw forward and keeping your airways open throughout the night. It can also help to drain the sinuses, allowing you to breathe more freely through your nose and reducing sinus-related noises.

An adjustable bed can make it very easy for you to raise your head, without disturbing your partner. At the simple touch of a button, you can lift the upper section as much or as little as you like. And thanks to their ‘split’ design, both sides of the mattress can be adjusted independently – allowing you both to achieve the optimal sleeping position and finally get a good night’s sleep.



Adjustable beds icon 2

2. By removing the need for multiple pillows

This follows on from the point made above.

To elevate the head, many people try to use multiple pillows to stop their snoring. But this presents its own set of challenges. Not only does it place increased pressure on your neck – often leading to pain and stiffness in the morning – the pillows can also slip out of place throughout the night. And as a result, can end up disturbing your sleep just as much as snoring.

Again, an adjustable bed offers a convenient solution. You can raise the top half of the bed, keeping your head elevated, without it being uncomfortable. And there’s no chance you’ll descend back into a snore-inducing position whilst you sleep.



Adjustable beds icon 3

3. By allowing you to sleep on your side

Sleeping on your side is another easy snoring solution.

Essentially, it prevents gravity from pulling the weight of your tongue and jaw onto your throat and constricting your breathing. But for many people, it may not be possible. Side-sleeping creates several ‘pressure points’ on the body, which can be uncomfortable – or even painful – for some.

This is where an adjustable bed can help.

The mattress can simply be moved into a position, which allows you to sleep on your side, whilst also supporting your spine and reducing pressure on the hips, shoulders and knees. And compared to when you sleep on your back, you should see a notable reduction in snoring and sleep disturbances.



Adjustable bed available at Dreamers Bed Centre


Stop losing sleep over snoring and invest in an adjustable bed


As a chronic snorer, we understand just how frustrating it can be. Not only can it affect the quality of your sleep, leaving you tired and unrefreshed, it makes it difficult for your partner to get a good night’s sleep as well – and can quickly become a huge source of tension.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be banished to the spare room forever.

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we truly believe an adjustable bed could be the answer. We have a fantastic selection for you to choose from, including models by the best adjustable bed brands in the industry – Mammoth Mattresses and Furmanac. All of which are priced competitively, can be made-to-order to suit your comfort requirements, and could be the cure to your snoring.

So why not take a look?

And remember, you’re always welcome to contact our team. Whether you’d like further advice on how to stop snoring or have any questions about the adjustable beds available in our store, we’re happy to help at any time. Just give us a call on 01942 275 464. Or if you prefer, send an email to and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.




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