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Hypnos Beds

Hypnos Beds  are a British family-run company, who manufacture Hypnos Divan Beds, Hypnos Mattresses, Headboards and Pillows. Hypnos have over 100 years of bed making experience and an insight into what makes a great night’s sleep and they have been fine tuning the art of making deluxe pocket spring beds, by hand, since the Edwardian days.

Hypnos are experts at what they do. They have been awarded with the Bed Manufacturer of the Year Award and their products are crafted and nurtured to ensure they meet their high standards. They consistently offer beautifully finished Hypnos mattresses. Hypnos Beds stockists have held a Royal Warrant since 1929 – the 1st Hypnos Divan Beds Royal Warrant was for King George V – and her majesty Queen Elizabeth II still sleeps on a Hypnos mattress.

This prestigious company are continuing to add to their years of experience and continuing to make some of the 'most comfortable beds and mattresses in the world'. When choosing your next bed look no further than a Hypnos bed.

Hypnos' expert craftsmen spend hours upon end stitching their mattresses to the highest specification, to ensure you the highest level of support and comfort. The emphasis on individual comfort reduces your partners disturbance when they have a restless night’s sleep and ensures no roll-together. This means that you both stay in your favoured sleeping position for longer and experience a deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

The Hypnos Way builds on their brand promise and commitment to craft the most comfortable beds in the world  and for Hypnos to be the world's most sustainable and aspirational sleep brand.

A Hypnos pillow fully supports your head and neck offering ultimate comfort to ensure a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep whether you sleep on your back or your side.

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