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Hypnos Orthos Support 8 Mattress

Hypnos Orthos Elite Silk Mattress
Hypnos Orthos Elite Silk Divan Bed
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The Orthos Support 8 mattress is one of firmest mattress in the Hypnos Orthos Range

  • Hypnos have one of the best spring systems in the industry, as it is heat treated twice
  • Packed generously with layers of natural filling - wool, cotton and Solotex™
  • Hand side stitched by a master craftsman to give you edge to edge support

Detailed Description

The Hypnos Orthos Support 8 Mattress features a ReActive™ 8 pocket spring system. A luxury and superior spring system from Hypnos Beds. The Hypnos Orthos Origins 8 intuitively and independently senses the weight, pressure and contours of both you and your partner. Providing unparalleled comfort and support. The Orthos Support 8 has been specially designed for people who prefer or require firmer support belonging to Hypnos' back care collection. The mattress is available with a Firm or Extra Firm spring system.

Comfort & Spring Tension

The Hypnos Orthos Support 8 Mattress will offer you a exquisite support but just how firm would you like it? As there are two Spring Tensions to choose from.

  • Firm Comfort - The firm comfort will provide you with a firm support. There is a touch of comfort and bundles of luxury.
  • Extra Firm Comfort - for those who prefer an Extra Firm support. This comfort is for an individual taste and if you like a very supportive mattress, then this will be just that!


The Hypnos Orthos Support 8 Mattress is one of the firmest when ordered with the Extra Firm Spring Tension. However, it isn't short of luxury! The Orthos Origins 8 is generously upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of organic cotton with flax and hemp to help keep you cool and dry. It also features two fleeces (or 4.2kg) of British wool from Red Tractor assured farms combined with an eOlus™ recycled fibre comfort pad.


The Hypnos Orthos Support 8 Mattress is entirely hand made in Buckinghamshire, by Hypnos Beds' master craftsmen who have had over 100 years of knowledge within the industry being passed down from generation to generation combined with constant innovation.

Natural materials are naturally soft and breathable, features that are retained throughout the lifespan of the bed, they also help to regulate body temperature.  Tailored with 2 rows of genuine hand side-stitching for additional edge-to-edge support, and hand tufted for long lasting comfort and support.  The mattress is then covered with a luxurious, unbleached cotton and linen sleep surface that is fire-resistant without the need for FR chemicals.

For another superb mattress in this range from Hypnos see the Orthos Support 6


The Orthos Support 8 comes with a 10 year guarantee as Hypnos' understanding of the bed making industry is unrivalled, with their vast experience and knowledge they have built over the past century.


Hypnos are a British, family run, bed manufacturer, that have over 100 years of experience within the industry practising and perfecting the art of making luxurious pocket spring beds, by hand, since the Edwardian days.

Hypnos has become renowned for being royally approved and their guarantee for their beds giving you peace of mind.  Their skilled craftsmen spend hours upon end, traditionally stitching their mattresses to the highest quality, for the utmost comfort and support. The focus on individual comfort also ensures no roll-together and reduces your partner's disturbance when you have a restless nights sleep, allowing you both to stay in your preferred sleeping position for longer and experience deeper undisturbed sleep.


Brand Hypnos Beds
Spring ReActive 8 Pocket Spring System
Spring Tension Firm or Extra Firm
Feel See Description For Spring Tensions
Filling British Wool Cotton, Solotex™ and eOlus™
Handmade Tailored 2 Rows Genuine Hand Side Stitching
Cover Luxurious, unbleached cotton no FR chemicals.
Mattress Reversible - Turn Regularly
Guarantee 10 Year Guarantee
Delivery 6-8 Weeks


3'0 Single 3'0 x 6'3 (90cm x 190cm)
4'0 Small Double 4'0 x 6'3 (120cm x 190cm)
4'6 Double 4'6 x 6'3 (135cm x 190cm)
5'0 King Size 5'0 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
5'0 King Size (Zip & Link) 2 x 2'6 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
6'0 Super King 6'0 x 6'6 (180cm x 200cm)
6'0 Super King (Zip & Link) 2 x 3'0 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
Mattress Depth 30cm


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