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Child falling asleep on Christmas eve

How to sleep on Christmas Eve

Hoping for a silent night on Christmas Eve? You’re not the only one. It’s an exciting time – not just for children, but for adults too. And that excitement can make it very difficult to fall asleep. Kids who still ‘believe’ can be tricky to settle come bedtime and, in a recent survey, it was … Read more

guest bed at Christmas

Welcome your festive bubble with a new guest bed

After a year of social distancing and strict COVID-19 restrictions, it’s fair to say, most of us had resigned to the idea of a ‘stay at home’ Christmas – with only the people in our household. But good news! Recognising the importance of the festive season (particularly after such a difficult year) the government is … Read more

How to stay cosy in bed this winter

Too hot, too cold? Finding the right temperature in bed can be tricky. And maintaining it can be even harder. As we enter the chilly months of winter, thermostats go up, layers go on, but the temptation to wrap up extra toasty in bed can lead to disturbed sleep. Waking several hours later drenched in … Read more

How much sleep is too much?

Lockdown 2.0. Here we go again. With all but essential shops closed, no socialising permitted and our enthusiasm to use the spare time to get fit fading as fast as the daylight hours, the temptation can be to hunker down and hibernate. But, before you crawl under the duvet for the next 4 weeks, did … Read more

Woman taking a nap on a comfortable bed

How long should I nap?

Thanks to the pandemic, daytime napping is on the rise. Whether you’re working from home or just self-isolating, your bed is never more than a few steps away. And when the afternoon slump hits, it’s incredibly tempting to lie down for a quick snooze. But how long should you nap for? And will it really … Read more

woman with good sleep hygiene

Improve your sleep hygiene for #Sleeptember

Heard of #sleeptember? It’s an annual campaign – led by The Sleep Council – designed to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and good sleep hygiene. And here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we’re a huge supporter. After all, our ultimate goal is to help customers ‘save money and sleep better’. Therefore, we thought it … Read more

Image to represent child's bedtime

Get the kid’s bedtime back on track

Bedtime crept later and later due to lockdown? Don’t worry – most parents are having the same problem. Without any real structure to the week, it’s been incredibly easy for normal sleep routines to slip. And, in a recent study conducted by The Sleep Charity, it was found that sleep issues in children have escalated … Read more

a man sleeping

Is sleep important?

Did you know, the UK national average sleep duration has steadily declined since the 1960s? It’s a sleep-loss epidemic. One that has (no doubt) been caused by our modern lifestyle – including longer working hours, excessive screen time, caffeine consumption and increasing levels of stress. But we should never underestimate the importance of sleep. Just … Read more

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