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Bedsteads And Ottomans

Bedstead’s come in many different styles, whether it be, wooden, leather, metal, upholstered, the choice really comes down to personal preference.

Some bedsteads have advantages over others, the majority of bedsteads come with a sprung slatted base and this will offer a softer comfort compared to a platform top divan. The sprung slats cushion the mattress, just as a sprung divan base would, creating a softer tension, and a more sumptuous feel. A disadvantage to the sprung slatted base, is that you may notice a lack of support on the side of the mattress, especially if your mattress doesn’t have a reinforced edge (Foam Encapsulation or butterflies). The other advantage to a platform top is that it creates a lot more support, especially if you and your partner are sleeping in the mattress together. The sprung slatted base may cause more roll together and if your partner is having a restless night’s sleep, you are likely to feel the effects of their tossing and turning on your side of the mattress.


Kaydian are renowned for their igenuitive idea’s and elegant design’s, but they aslo offer a supportive platform for a base on some of their bedsteads. The Kaydian ottomans all come with a platform ventilated base that not only creates superb storage options, but provides you with extra support throughout your night’s sleep. The Accent, Walkworth and Allendale ottomans come in array of upholstered finishes and will create an eye catchy feature in your bedroom that allows you to ‘sleep in style’.


The Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman (shown above), finished in an elegant oatmeal fabric, offers the practicality any bedroom would beneift from. With a simple gas hydraulic mechanism to simply allow you to lift and close the ottoman easily, this creates a generous storage space for non essential day to day items. However, as Kaydian specialise in upholstered bedsteads, there isn’t any choice for those who prefer the metal styled bedstead.

A metal bedstead will come with a sprung slatted base, and you may notice that the bedstead need’s a supporting leg which sits in the middle of the frame, underneath. This can cause some problems, as you may move the bed to hoover/clean underneath, and if the centre leg isn’t positioned correctly this could set to one side, cause damage or even create the bedstead to lose it’s centre stability.

Original Bedstead have been supplying iron and brass bedsteads for over 20 years now. Their outstanding, elegant and unique designs come in an array of finishes, with different styles to suit every individiual taste.

OBC’S frames are made with durability in mind, with two supportive centre rails, and a ready fitted fixing for the slatted base in the side rails. Original’s frames are heavily reinforced, which therefore means, there is no need for the centre leg underneath. Their bedsteads only get better with age as they use the finest materials, their brass beds are made with a heavy guage tubing to ensure they will be supporting and withstand the test of time. The service this company offer is unbeatable, from the quality of their finishing product, to the packaging it arrives in. Certain Original Bedsteads, also consist of a unique feature, an adjustable setting for the height of the side rails, which allows you to have the mattress sitting 14” or 17” high from the floor. The benefit of having this, is not only being able to make the bed slightly lower to allow you to access it easier, but it also changes the style of the bedstead, having the footend higher than the mattress or level with it.


Wooden bedsteads are a very popular choice, whether it be oak, pine, painted or finished in a natural laquer. Many of the wooden bedsteads come with an option to have a low or high foot end, as many of our customers tend to lean towards a lower foot end as they are less restricting. What you will also find with a wooden bedstead is it may have a solid wooden slatted base, instead of sprungs slats, which again, offers you that extra support as a platform top would. Friendship Mill are a manufacture that we use instore, and they offer many different styles of wooden bedsteads, at an affordable price. The quaility of their bedsteads is exceptional as they have no centre leg support as the frame itself is very well built. The other advantage is, it consists of hard wooden slats, compared to sprung, to offer that extra support. Friendship Mill’s bedsteads are the perfect example of this.

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