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Buying a mattress online – is it a good idea?

Online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives and, thanks to COVID-19, it’s certainly here to stay. From the weekly food shop to new clothes and birthday gifts, you can buy just about everything – without ever having...

couple buying a mattress online

Online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives and, thanks to COVID-19, it’s certainly here to stay. From the weekly food shop to new clothes and birthday gifts, you can buy just about everything – without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.

But what about when you need to make a big purchase, such as a bed or mattress? Is it really possible to buy the ‘ideal’ mattress, without visiting a showroom and testing them out?


The rise of online bed sales

According to the National Bed Federation (NBF), in 2019, 51% of consumers chose to purchase a new bed on the web. That’s more than half of all bed sales. Buying a mattress online is fast becoming the default method. And is it really that surprising? It has a wide range of advantages. For example:


  • – you can browse the full collection from the comfort of your own home
  • – it can save a lot of time and effort
  • – it’s easier to compare prices and product details
  • – some products are ‘online exclusives’ and are not available in-store
  • – many retailers offer online discounts and promotions
  • – your new bed will be delivered, quickly and easily, to your front door


But it’s a big investment. We spend more than a third of our lives in bed and it’s vital that you choose the right mattress for your sleeping preferences. So, if you are going to buy online (like the majority of the UK population!), here we offer a few tips on how to select the best product.


5 tips for buying a mattress online


1. Look for reputable brands

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, choosing a good brand is key – and it’s important to do your research. Look for a site that sells reputable and well-known brands. If a brand name is unfamiliar, be sure to look them up online and always check they have the NBF mark of approval.

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre, we stock only the best names in the industry (e.g. Mammoth, Hypnos) and when you shop with us, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re getting the highest quality product.


Buying a mattress online with the NBF mark of approval


2. Know your preferences

Before buying a mattress online, you must consider your preferences carefully. Do you like a firm or soft mattress? How much support do you require? What is your favourite sleeping position?

There are lots of online guides that can help to identify the best mattress for you. So, take advantage of these and write down what you’re looking for. Use search filters to find products that match your criteria and, before you add a bed to your basket, make sure you read its full description.



3. Stick to your budget

Calculate exactly how much you wish to spend and stick to it. This is often much easier to do online, as you can search specifically for beds that meet your requirements – whilst staying within your budget. You may also find online promotion codes and discounts that will reduce the cost further.



4. Check the delivery and returns policy

Once you’ve found the ideal bed, be sure to check the delivery costs. The product itself may be a bargain, but if you have to pay a small fortune for delivery, it may be worth shopping elsewhere. A good returns policy is also essential when shopping online. You have no idea what the product will be like until it arrives, so make sure you can send it back for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Here at Dreamers, all products are eligible for a refund. Just contact us within 14 calendar days to arrange a return and your money will be back in your bank account in 30 days or less.



5. Don’t be afraid to get in touch

Just because you haven’t visited the showroom, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of their expertise. Sales staff have a wealth of knowledge about the products available and there’s a lot of ways to get in touch and pick their brains – from sending a quick email to giving them a call.

The team at Dreamers are always happy to help. If you’re shopping online, we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and can even advise on the best mattress for your requirements.


mattresses that are available to buy online


Ready to buy a mattress online?


Yes, brick-and-mortar stores may have reopened. But you will need to make an appointment and – if you’re still wary about the safety of public spaces – shopping online could be the better option for you. It’s perfectly possible to identify and buy a mattress online that ticks all the right boxes. So, why not browse our full collection (from the comfort of your own home!) and get started?

And remember, if you’d like further advice or information on any of the products available, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Either give us a call on 01942 275 464 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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