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Mammoth Offer

Mammoth Mattresses are already hard enough to resist, with their medical grade specification and proven enhancements.

This ‘Mammoth Saving’ should also make your decision that ever more tempting.

Starting from the 1st April, purchase a King Size mammoth mattress, and only pay for a Double!



Our Biggest Saving Yet!

This offer is only available instore, and will end on the 31st April.



Mammoth mattresses are one of our best sellers, with unresistable sleeping benefits, such as pressure relief, VMax Technology, and medical grade foam that will make you sleep for longer! That’s right, Mammoth Mattresses are proven to make you fall asleep quicker, and for longer! They also aid blood circulation throughout your night’s sleep to ensure you don’t wake up either throughout the night or in the morning with aches and pains.

The mattresses come in many different tensions and sizes, and you will purchase with peace of mind that it comes with a 5 year guarentee, followed by a 5 year warranty. Mammoth’s mattresses can support upto 40 stone, which relates to how durable these mattresses actually are.

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