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At Dreamers, we provide a range of mattress fillings to suit all preferences. However, amongst our most popular mattress types is latex – and it’s easy to understand why! Luxurious quality, incredibly durable and offering the ultimate in comfort and longevity, our latex mattresses are highly sought after to create a perfect haven for a great night’s sleep.

What are the benefits of a latex mattress?

Opting for a latex mattress offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Durability – known to last for up to 20 years
  • Comfortable – renowned for luxury softness that doesn’t compromise on support
  • Cool – latex boasts excellent air circulation, so you won’t ever overheat
  • Eco-friendly – made from natural materials, latex mattresses help you to avoid any nasty chemicals

How much is a latex mattress?

We offer high-quality and luxurious latex mattresses that will ensure you have the perfect night’s sleep – but how affordable are they? Although latex mattresses are widely considered to be at the higher end of the price scale, it is worth noting that they are an excellent investment usually lasting much longer than other mattress choices. We also pride ourselves on being affordable and accessible. To remain competitive, we regularly offer discount codes and special deals, so it’s always worth checking out our website for those before making a purchase!

Is latex the best mattress for you?

If you’re on the market for a brand-new mattress, why not consider one from our latex range? Using the highest quality materials and coming with a 3-year guarantee – you won’t find anywhere better for luxury latex mattresses.

To find out more, shop our collection of latex mattresses below, or get in touch and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Baker & Wells Silk Latex Mattress
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