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Sleep in comfort with Highgrove Beds

Highgrove Beds have been a partner of Dreamers Bed Centre for over 15 years. Formed in just after the millennium, Highgrove are amongst the fastest growing bed manufacturers in the country. Their factory in West Yorkshire is a superb facility, producing roughly 5000 beds per week. Highgrove Beds offer fantastic value with their range of products.

Thanks to our lengthy association with the firm we have been able to come together to produce some of the brands most sought after Highgrove Beds and Highgrove Mattresses.

Highgrove Beds

The Highgrove Beds that we have in-store come with Ottoman Storage. By lifting either the end or side of your bed you will reveal a significant storage space underneath your bed. Perfect for storing extra bedding or pillows, a Highgrove Bed is the perfect centre of piece for your bedroom. Incorporated into the design is two ridges which make it is to lift the base of your bed to access the storage space.

Highgrove Beds are family run business who pledge to supply our customers with an extensive variety of high-end bedroom products, but all while retaining an excellent level of value for money. Due to our superb relationship with the brand, we receive rapid service which ultimate relays as a quick and successful service for our customers.

All the Highgrove Beds we provide can be made in a vast assortment of colours and fabrics as showcased in the Highgrove Colour Swatch. These are the fabrics which will furnish the base and headboard.

Highgrove Mattress

Here at Dreamers Bed Centre have supply Highgrove Mattresses in a range of tensions and last year as part of the celebration of our 15-year association with the brand

In celebration of our 15-year connection with Highgrove, the limited-edition Anniversary 15 Highgrove Mattress was designed. Like all their Mattresses, this mattress offers sleep support across its entire width meaning you can comfortably utilise the full mattress. This massively reduces the chances of you rolling off the bed in your sleep. Because of this, a Highgrove Mattress for a double bed effectively provides a similar amount of sleeping space to a king size mattress from most other suppliers.

A Highgrove Mattress is made from premium materials which allows your mattress to remain breathable and therefore helping your bed to keep cool in the summer months and to stay warm and cosy in the winter. The technology behind their mattresses also bring enhanced dispersion of moisture to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment.

Browse the full Highgrove collection through their brand page – Highgrove – or the Dreamers Bed Centre showroom in Wigan, Lancashire to view their range of products.

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