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Top 4 Best Hybrid Mattresses

What is a hybrid mattress?   A hybrid mattress, otherwise known as a combination mattress, is a mattress that is made up of multiple layers of springs, foam, and other materials. Traditionally, you could buy a pocket sprung mattress to...

What is a hybrid mattress?


A hybrid mattress, otherwise known as a combination mattress, is a mattress that is made up of multiple layers of springs, foam, and other materials. Traditionally, you could buy a pocket sprung mattress to provide a supportive sleep, or a foam mattress to offer more comfort. Hybrid mattresses were introduced to combine support and comfort to enhance the offerings of a mattress.




Why should I buy a hybrid mattress?


There are many reasons you should buy a hybrid mattress, with just a few of them listed below:


• Suitable for back, side, and even stomach sleepers (helpful for sharing a bed).

• Better at dissipating heat than foam mattresses.

• Combines support and comfort.

• Particularly good for those who prefer a medium comfort.

• Reduced motion transfer compared to pocket sprung mattresses.

• Edge support.


The benefits listed above are just a sample of why a hybrid mattress might be right for you, the remainder of this blog is going to discuss 4 of the best hybrid mattresses available at Dreamers Bed Centre. There are still plenty of other options available instore, so make sure to pay us a visit to find the right hybrid mattress for your needs!





LEO Hybrid 3000

Starting from: £975.00


The LEO Hybrid 3000 Mattress is a premium, cool hybrid mattress, made up of layers containing 3000 individual pocket springs and our CooLEO foam. Compared to memory foam, our CooLEO foam is 400% cooler and much more responsive to body movements. Combined with the ice cool CooLEO cover, this is perfect for any hot sleeper looking for the perfect night’s sleep.


A choice of three luxurious tensions makes this mattress perfect for everyone! Choose from three of our LEO Foam Core tensions (Softer, Firmer, or Extra-Firm) depending on your needs. The mattress also contains a Foam Encapsulated Reinforced Edge, to offer additional edge support and a full sleeping-width of the mattress.




Mammoth Shine 1600

Starting from: £995.00


The Mammoth Shine Hybrid 1600 Mattress is the best value hybrid mattress for a bad back! The mattress offers a true medium comfort, whilst also containing hypoallergenic Pressure Relieving PostureCell technology, that has been proven scientifically to improve comfort and sleep. Mammoth mattresses are recommended by health professionals to encourage relaxation and ease aches and pains, including back pain. They are used by elite athletes and professional sportsmen to help increase rest and recovery.


As well as those great features already mentioned, the naturally cooling medical grade foam is also suitable for hot sleepers, as it is 69% faster cooling than memory foam. It is the perfect option for those who prefer the comfort of a medium feel, with the support and bounce of pocket springs, as well as cooling and medical benefits.



Choosing a mattress



Sognatori Copper Sleep 2000

Starting from: £925.00


The Sognatori Copper Sleep 2000 Mattress offers the perfect Medium comfort, provided by the 2000 individual pocket springs. A key differentiator of this mattress is the Copper sleep technology, it helps to provide relief to sore and swollen joints. As well as this, the copper infused stretch knit cover provides temperature regulation, making this mattress suitable for hot sleepers.


The Copper sleep 2000 is also a low maintenance mattress, the support for the mattress is at the bottom and the comfort is on top, therefore the mattress only requires rotating and not flipping. The additional EcoAdvantEdge support also ensures you can use the full sleeping width of your mattress.




Sognatori Gel 2000

Starting from: £645.00


The Sognatori Gel 2000 Mattress provides a supportive and comfortable medium firm tension. It is made up of layers including 2000 individual pocket springs, gel, and ultra soft foam, providing a luxurious night’s sleep. The foam encapsulated edge offers the full sleep-width of the mattress, and this is another low maintenance mattress that only requires rotating.






Whether you want a hybrid mattress that offers a cool night’s sleep, back support, joint relief, or the support and comfort the varying layers offer, there are a multitude of options available at Dreamers Bed Centre. We have lots more hybrid and alternative mattresses available, so make sure to visit us in store to test out the mattresses from this piece, or any other alternatives our instore experts may suggest!





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