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Pure Collection Bamboo Box Pillow

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An Extremely Popular Choice For Those After A Supportive And Cool Pillow

  • You've got a supportive mattress? Why not buy a supportive pillow to match?
  • Featuring Bamboo to keep the pillow cool and hypoallergenic
  • Extra deep pillow that may not fit standard pillow cases

Detailed Description

The Pure Collection Bamboo Box Pillow is one of our best selling Pillows for a Firmer Support.

The Bamboo Box Pillow has a luxuriouslly soft, quilted and cool to touch Bamboo and Cotton 300 Thread count cover. It is beautifully finished with a soft piped edge and filled with 100% Micro Fibre fillings.

Bamboo naturally regulates and helps maintains an even temperature for an better nights sleep.

Bamboo is the ideal organic choice as it is grown without chemicals or pesticides. It is naturally antibacterial and resists dustmites, making this pillow ideal for those who suffer with excema or have sensitive skin.

The Bamboo Box Pillow cover is 60% Bamboo 40% Cotton. Machine Washable at 30 Degress . Not suitable to Tumble Dry.



Pillow Length 66cm | Width 47cm | Height 20cm


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Pure Collection Bamboo Box Pillow
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