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Stockholm Motion Plus

Furmanac Stockholm Motion Plus

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Latex or Memory Foam Topper

RF Motor with memory function

7 zone pocket spring

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    Detailed Description

    The Stockholm Motion Plus is an Adjustable Bed that belongs to the Hestia Motion family. The Stockholm Motion Plus is a new, magnificent design that brings high living and comfort together. Taking Adjustable Beds to the next level, this will enhance your lifestyle and give you a better comfort than you have ever dreamed. The Motion Plus is a must try in our showroom!

    Hestia Motion is manufactured in the U.K. by Adjustable Bed leaders Furmanac. Furmanac own MiBed that have supplied Adjustable Beds for many years. However, moving things along and focusing on comfort rather than aiding your sleep, Hesita Motion presents the Stockholm Collection. The Stockholm Collection boasts luxury, class and sophistication. This collection will not only provide you with a heavenly sleep but it will also transform your bedroom with a low design, choice of headboards and a exquisite range of fabrics.

    The Stockholm Motion Plus will take you to your dreams with a 3 tier impeccable design. The Motion Plus features an Adjustable 7 zone pocket spring base that provides the initial support and is controlled wirelessly by remote. To provide you with a deep sensation of comfort, an upholstered 7 zone pocket spring mattress is placed on top of the base. The ultimate final touch is a Latex or Memory Foam Topper, we'd recommend the Latex for a softer feel.

    The Motion Plus has many other features including being treated with an adaptive fabric that responds dynamically to temperature changes and keeps your sleep environment cool and dry, all night, every night. The Motion Plus has an RF motor with memory function to ensure you can find the ultimate position to sleep in every night! There is a USB charge port located on each side of the bed for your convenience and if you wake up through the night, it also has under bed lighting!


    Adjustable 7 Zone pocket spring base

    Upholstered 7 zone pocket spring box mattress

    Latex or Memory Foam Topper

    Treated with Adaptive to keep you cool and dry

    RF Motor with memory function

    USB charge port and under bed lighting

    Latex Foam – The Natural Way to Sleep

    The toppers are there to provide you with slightly different comforts. You can have both toppers the same if you are on a 5'0 or 6'0 bed with Twin units or you can have one Latex or one Memory depending on your preferences. Latex is cooler than Memory Foam which is why we would recommend it, that and the fact we love the softer feel! The memory foam is a touch firmer than the Latex when you lie down on the Motion Plus.

    Latex Topper

    • Pressure Relieving
    • Conforms to the shape of the body
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Antibacterial
    • Natural Cooling properties

    Memory Foam Topper

    • Pressure relieving
    • Conforms to the shape of your body
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Designed by NASA

    Our Showroom

    We invite you in to our Showroom and try this wonderful collection for yourself. It will transform your lifestyle, your sleep and your bedroom. We had no hesitation ordering it for our showroom as it has a unique design, is in trend and feels as good as it looks!


    Brand Hestia
    Brand Hestia Motion
    Lifestyle Enhance Your Lifestyle
    Adjustable Bed 7 Zone pocket spring base
    Mattress 7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress
    Topper Latex or Memory Foam Topper
    Adaptive Treated with Adaptive To Keep You Cool and Dry
    Features USB Charge Port and Under Bed Lighting
    Latex Foam The Natural Way to Sleep
    Recommended Latex Topper
    Guarantee 5 Year Guarantee


    3'0 Single 3'0 x 6'6 (90cm x 200cm)
    4'0 Small Double 4'0 x 6'6 (120cm x 200cm)
    4'6 Double 4'6 x 6'6 (135cm x 200cm)
    5'0 King Size 2 x 2'6 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
    6'0 Super King 2 x 3'0 x 6'6 (180cm x 200cm)



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