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Stuart James Catherine Headboard

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3'0 Single 3'0 x 6'3 (90cm x 190cm)
4'0 Small Double 4'0 x 6'3 (120cm x 190cm)
4'6 Double 4'6 x 6'3 (135cm x 190cm)
5'0 King Size 5'0 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
5'0 King Size (Zip & Link) 2 x 2'6 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)
6'0 Super King 6'0 x 6'6 (180cm x 200cm)
6'0 Super King (Zip & Link) 2 x 3'0 x 6'6 (150cm x 200cm)


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Stuart James Catherine Headboard

The Stuart James Catherine headboard is handmade to perfection, with a deep, buttoned, chesterfield design. The Catherine is deeply padded and 60” high as standard. All our Stuart James Headboards can be bespoke, we can make the Catherine a bespoke height and we split this headboard in two as standard – for delivery accessibility purposes. Finish your Stuart James Bed off in style with our Catherine headboard and have it upholstered in one of our many exquisite fabrics.

Deep Luxury Padding

The Catherine Headboard is made to meet our high standards. A thick, deeply padded headboard that meets our every requirement and high expectations. Our luxury Stuart James Catherine headboard has a contemporary, deep chesterfield design which has been beautifully crafted and has unrivalled attention to detail

Handmade Headboard

Our Stuart James Headboards are handmade in the U.K by the highest standard. These exquisite, upholstered headboards are made with precision and care to deliver nothing but fine luxury. Create your own masterpiece today to finish off your Stuart James Bed with a regal design. Pair your Stuart James Catherine headboard with a matching footboard to complete the overall look. These can go with any frame excluding the Stuart James end lift ottoman storage.

Luxury Fabrics

Our Stuart James Headboards are available in a vast range of exquisite fabrics, all hand picked to offer the most luxurious finish. The Catherine Headboard is finished in Marble Silver.

Eight Regal Designs

Our Stuart James Headboard Collection features eight luxury designs to offer a variety that everyone admires. All of our luxury Stuart James headboards are beautifully handcrafted masterpieces to create a long-lasting, elegant statement. The Catherine Headboard is a traditional design and the Marble Silver gives it a very contemporary style, many other fabrics available which will give it a different finish. See the full range for more.

Stuart James Catherine Headboard

Contemporary Chesterfield Details

Luxury Upholstered Designs

Exquisite Regal Fabrics

Handmade in U.K


Handcrafted Chesterfield Detail

The Catherine headboard is a contemporary, deep chesterfield design. Shown on our website with our Regal Duchess mattress – the Catherine stands 60″ high and is split as standard (to allow for accessibility).

Compliment Your Bed

A True Statement piece

A beautifully handcrafted headboard. The Catherine headboard has unrivalled attention to detail and is available in any of our Stuart James luxury fabrics.


Finish your Stuart James Bed with a matching Footboard

Whilst creating the perfect finish for your Stuart James Bed, pair the Catherine headboard with a matching luxury footboard to complete the overall look. (Not Available With An Ottoman Bed)


Our Regal collection of Stuart James Beds allows you to design your own comfort, from a bespoke mattress tension to a custom made headboard.


A complete bespoke service from comfort to finish. Our range is dynamic, our headboards are available with custom heights and more!


We are proud to manufacture all of our Stuart James Beds to the highest standard in the U.K. Our Headboards are handmade in the U.K.


Luxury Headboards

Eight Designs Custom Heights

Finish your Stuart James Bed with a true regal design floor standing headboard. Choose from eight luxury headboard designs which all come in a vast range of exquisite fabrics. The Regal is pictured with our Emperor mattress and reinforced divan base.


Bespoke Headboards

Custom Heights Vertically Split

Our headboards are all very bespoke, any design can come in any height. As standard they come 54” and 60” high. We can split any headboard to make them accessible to any bedroom (as height can be an issue with staircases).



Luxury Fabrics Regal Design

Our Stuart James fabrics are hand picked to give your bed the best look possible in your bedroom. Choose from a range of contemporary fabrics that will compliment any bedroom interior. All our luxury Stuart James fabrics are available to view in the product builder above.

If you would like a better look at one of our fabrics – please contact us and we will happily send a sample out to you or they can all be viewed in our showroom.


Where are Stuart James Beds Headboards made?

All our Stuart James Headboards are handmade in the U.K. The springs, mattresses, divan beds and headboards are all made by hand in the United Kingdom.

Where can I view the Stuart James Headboard range?

The full Stuart James range is available to view at Dreamers Bed Centre, WN4 0YU.

How are Stuart James Headboards made?

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the bedding industry. We hand picked our Headboard designs for our Stuart James Regal Collection as we know exactly what our customers want most. All our Stuart James Headboards are handmade to the highest standard, the feature a solid thick timber, sumptuously upholstered with deep padding and are finished in the most exquisite fabrics. Take our Britannia Headboard for example, the headboard is thicker than most bed frames. We ensure the face of our headboards are sumptuous, deeply padding and not only look Regal but are comfortable to sit up against.

Why are some Stuart James Beds Headboards split?

All our Stuart James headboards are bespoke and handmade. Every request is a possibility, it just depends on available materials and time. Many of our Headboards are 60” high – for some, delivery of a 60” may not be possible without taking a window out, due to a tight staircase or low ceiling. Therefore, we split our headboards in two as standard and then they can be bolted together on site. Simple!

I’m not sure if a 60” Headboard will fit?

Within our Stuart James Headboard range, most headboards are available 54” or 60”. However, some do come 60” as standard and it takes us to the question above, this is the exact reason we split our headboards. Our team has dealt with many customers before that wanted 60”+ headboards and when they were delivered, they didn’t fit up the stairs! To save the hassle, we split our 60” headboards as standard.


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