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Sleep Facts

10 Fascinating Facts About Sleep

Sleep. It’s something that we all do, every single day. But how much do you really know about it? Over the last 25 years, scientists have conducted a lot of research into this area – learning facts about sleep that we could never have even dreamed of (pardon the pun!). And with a vested interest … Read more

Dream Meanings

Here are the 5 Most Common Meanings of Dreams

On average, we have about five dreams every night – lasting between 15-40 minutes each. Some we can remember in detail the morning after. Some we can’t remember at all. Some follow a logical narrative. Others are abstract and irrational. But what on earth do they actually mean? Here at Dreamers, we have a particular … Read more

Mammoth mattresses used by sporting professionals

Mammoth mattresses – the go-to choice for athletes

Last month, leading mattress brand – Mammoth  – confirmed that its long-standing partnership with the British Athletes Commission (BAC) has been extended for a further 12 months. It hasn’t come as too much of a surprise. The two organisations have worked together since 2012, offering expert sleep advice and exclusive member benefits for all UK … Read more

Woman getting a good night's sleep

Look after yourself with a good night’s sleep

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt over the last year, it’s that self-care isn’t selfish. It’s essential. The pandemic has been tough for everyone. As well as causing significant disruption to day-to-day life, it’s raised real health concerns – and reminded us all just how crucial it is to take care of yourself. And … Read more

Bed Types

6 Bed Types Explained

Buying a bed. How difficult can it be? Well… as it goes, it can be surprisingly tricky. With so many different types of bed to choose from, selecting the ‘right’ one for you can soon turn into a confusing and time-consuming task. But the good news is, we’re here to help. Here at Dreamers Bed … Read more

2021 Bedroom Trends

Key Bedroom Trends for 2021

Fancy giving your bedroom a little update? Let’s face it, thanks to COVID-19, we’re spending a lot of time indoors at the moment and the bedroom is your personal oasis for sleep and relaxation – something we all need a lot of right now! So, why not embrace your inner interior designer? Unlike the rest … Read more

Example of a Millbrook bed

Millbrook beds – how are they made?

Millbrook Beds is a long-standing company that has stuck to its roots. Yes, since its establishment in 1946, it’s come a long way – and machinery is now used to streamline some basic parts of the manufacturing process (i.e. cutting fabrics). But to this day, it’s still a traditional workshop and all beds and mattresses … Read more

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