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How to furnish your bedroom

Is your bedroom an oasis of calm and relaxation? Thought not. But with the right furniture – and the help of the experts here at Dreamers Bed Centre – it could be. Furniture anchors your bedroom, providing the foundations for a serene, calm and comfortable sleep environment. It can help you to create a retreat … Read more

Mammoth Mattresses Banner

Upgrade your mattress with a Mammoth mattress today

Is your old mattress making it uncomfortable to sleep at night? Why not treat yourself to a brand new Mammoth mattress from Dreamers Bed Centre? Mattresses aren’t made to last forever – they tend to last up to 8 years. The springs can become uncomfortable when your mattress reaches its lifespan, reducing support. Sleeping on an … Read more

Which brands do Dreamers Bed Centre stock?

Whether you’re looking for a divan bed, bedstead or mattress, we’re confident you’ll find everything you need, here at Dreamers Bed Centre. We understand everyone sleeps differently/requires different things from a bed, and provide beds to suit every need. We stock quality exclusive bed brands to ensure you find the right bed.  Baker & Wells Baker & Wells have … Read more

Which memory foam mattress is the best?

The idea of a mattress that moulds to your body whilst you sleep is great. But are memory foam mattresses everything they’re made out to be? Let Dreamers Bed Centre reveal all. Memory foam mattresses contour to your body, provide cushioned support and relieve pressure on painful joints. Making them an excellent choice if you’re looking for … Read more


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